Strong interest in Toure from ‘two of the biggest clubs’, claims Manchester City star’s agent


first_img1 Yaya Toure’s agent has claimed there is strong interest in the midfielder from “two of the biggest clubs”, amid rumours he could be set to leave Manchester City this summer.The Ivory Coast star has appeared to open the door for a Blues exit, with the likes of Paris Saint-Germain and Inter Milan – managed by his former City boss Roberto Mancini – mentioned as possible destinations.Toure was quoted on Tuesday as saying he is open to ”new challenges” and that he will not stay at a club simply to collect wages, and Mancini is reportedly keen to lure his former talisman to Italy.Those comments came two days after his agent Dimitri Seluk was quoted as saying “two of the biggest clubs” had asked him about Toure’s availability, adding: “If City want Yaya to leave, they should come out and say so.”And, quoted by Sky Sports News on Wednesday, Seluk said: “We have had different offers for Yaya but we must speak to Manchester City.“People think he will stay because of money but we don’t care about money. If Man City don’t want him – no problem.“I want someone to say that they want Yaya to stay at Manchester City. Yaya is a legend at the club. All the supporters like him, he’s helped them make history.” Manchester City and Ivory Coast star Yaya Toure last_img read more

‘Lick your wounds, come in tomorrow and do your job’: A closer look at the Athletics’ rare bullpen meltdown


first_imgOAKLAND — It was almost poetic, really. Now a Giant, Stephen Vogt toed the Coliseum dirt he once kicked daily as an Athletic and deposited a home run once again into a sea of fans in left field that had come prepared to welcome him back home.Vogt’s three-run homer off Ryan Buchter looked to be pulled by the cosmos, and also was the final blow to a now uncharacteristically tumultuous eighth inning meltdown for the A’s bullpen that led to a 10-5 loss to the Giants on Saturday night.“Felt like …last_img

Sean Manaea dominant, A’s win again


first_imgClick here if you’re unable to view the photo gallery on your mobile device.OAKLAND — Left-hander Sean Manaea, in just his second start after a year on the shelf following shoulder surgery, struck out 10 batters and allowed just one run in seven innings Sunday as the A’s beat the Detroit Tigers 3-1 in front of 24,550 at the Oakland Coliseum.Manaea didn’t allow a hit through five innings before Christin Stewart homered on a 3-2 pitch to open the sixth. Manaea allowed just two hits, equaling …last_img

A Martian Crust: Was It Alive?


first_imgDavid McKay, the father of the Martian meteorite that started feverish debates about life on Mars in 1996, is at it again.  Now he thinks a mat of crusty soil was made by microbes, according to Space.Com.    In spite of the salty, acidic soil (see 08/06/04 headline), Gilbert Levin, also interviewed by Space.Com, thinks life on Mars is likely.Give it up, David.  There are more honest ways to get funding for new NASA missions than hyping the meagerest of circumstantial evidence while ignoring the problems.  “Mars has all the conditions for life: water, energy, and organic substances, McKay pointed out.”  One thing thou lackest: information.  From whence cometh information, if not from intelligent design?  That doth make all the difference between mat – and Matt.(Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

We Were Wrong About Isochrons, Geologists Say


first_img1Davidson, Charlier, Hora, and Perlroth, “Mineral isochrons and isotopic fingerprinting: Pitfalls and promises,” Geology, Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 29�32, doi: 10.1130/G21063.1.Now, wait just a rockhounding minute.  Isochrons have been touted by the uniformitarians as a fail-safe method for dating rocks, because the data points are supposed to be self-checking (Darwin-lover Ken Miller used this argument in a debate against Henry Morris years ago.)  Now, these geologists, publishing in the premiere geological journal in the world, are telling us that isochrons can look perfect on paper yet give meaningless ages, by orders of magnitude, if the initial conditions are not known, or if the rocks were open systems at some time in the past.  That sounds like what young earth creationists have been complaining about all along.  But then, these geologists put a happy face on the situation.  It’s not all bad news, they say, because if the geologist can know the true age by another method, he can glean some useful information out of the errors.  But if they were wrong about the isochron method, what faulty assumptions are going to turn up some day about other methods, in a future issue of Geology?  Their confidence that they can know anything about what happened 200 million years ago is about as reassuring as the surgeon who told his patient, “I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is that we removed the wrong kidney.  The good news is that your other kidney is doing just fine.”(Visited 65 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 An isochron (a word meaning “equal time”) is supposed to be a line connecting points on a graph that represent the same age, or the same age difference.  If your rain gutter barrel fills fast and the bucket in your garage fills slowly, for instance, you can figure the time the rain started if you know their individual fill rates; the line connecting those two points on a graph would be an isochron.  If you found another bucket and its fill rate also fell on the line, it would imply it started filling at the same time.  As straightforward as this method is at home or in the lab, can it be misleading when extrapolated millions of years into the past, when the initial and intervening conditions were not subject to observation?    When geologists date rocks, they seek to identify minerals that are isochronous, though they may decay at different rates.  A hidden assumption was that the initial isotope ratios were fixed at the time the rock formed.  Not so fast, say four geologists from the UK, Wisconsin and California, writing in Geology:1The determination of accurate and precise isochron ages for igneous rocks requires that the initial isotope ratios of the analyzed minerals are identical at the time of eruption or emplacement.  Studies of young volcanic rocks at the mineral scale have shown this assumption to be invalid in many instances.  Variations in initial isotope ratios can result in erroneous or imprecise ages.    (Emphasis added in all quotes.)This realization “questions a fundamental tenet in isochron geochronology—that the initial isotope composition of the analyzed phases is identical.”  Since variations in these ratios are now known, it creates the “possibility that it may compromise geochronological interpretations.”    Sources of variation in initial ratios include: (1) rocks forming over multiple stages instead of one, (2) crustal contamination, (3) partial assimilation of parent isotopes, and (4) magma recharge.  These sources of error “can, in principle, be identified,” they claim, by examining cross-sections of the rock from core to rim, “provided that the components involved are isotopically distinct.”  But unless identified via independent checks, isochron ages can be “fictitious,” they warn.  They give an example of how rubidium-strontium data points “may result in a good isochron fit, even though the age obtained is meaningless.”  One case produced an order-of-magnitude difference between the argon age and the rubidium-strontium age, even with a valid isochron.    To date a rock via isochrons, the geologist has to know that the rock had (1) slow diffusion and (2) rapid cooling.  But then, “The cooling history will depend on the volume of magma involved and its starting temperature, which in turn is a function of its composition.”  They give examples where it is evident that “open-system processes during crystallization must be invoked to impart isotopic heterogeneity to the mineral population”; i.e., to explain away differences in age between two methods by claiming the rock was open to the environment during its lifetime.  They admit, though, that “if the initial variation is systematic (e.g., due to open-system mixing or contamination), then isochrons are generated that can be very good” based on their fit to the graph, “but the ages are geologically meaningless.”       The authors assert that these sources of error might still be useful.  They describe ways how fictitious isochrons might, if true ages are known from other methods, lead to interpretations of how the rocks were formed.  They claim that it is highly unlikely that open-system processes that affect the isochrons of one method would affect another method the same way.  Their summary, however, consists primarily of cautions:The “assumption of a constant [initial strontium isotope] ratio in isochron analysis of ancient rocks may not be valid in many instances.”  In fact, significant variation is a “common observation,” they say.“Statistical methods may not be able to distinguish between constant or variable [initial strontium isotope] ratios,” particularly as the rocks get older, or the rocks were subject to open systems during their formation.“Independent ages are needed to evaluate rock-component isochrons.”  Disagreements “may constrain differentiation mechanisms such as contamination and mixing,” if they can be corrected by independent means.last_img read more

Qiyun.Z QIYUN : Fantastic wig Best quality


first_img The is a great wig for the price and can be worn without the bunches. Amazing quality will be buying from them again. Shipping just took forever but love the quality of the wig. My daughter wore this for halloween. I’ve never seen a hair piece look so good a must buy. Fantastic quick delivery , the quality of the wig is the best iv had so far. Was great for my cosplay and didint get tangled. The fact the pig (pony?) tails clip on the sides with ‘bear-trap’ type grips makes this wig very versatile. The is a great wig for the price and can be worn without the bunches. Fantastic quick delivery , the quality of the wig is the best iv had so far. Was great for my cosplay and didint get tangled. Excellent product and exactly how described. Daughter is delighted with her harley quinn wig. Would highly recommend seller. Amazing quality will be buying from them again. Shipping just took forever but love the quality of the wig. The fact the pig (pony?) tails clip on the sides with ‘bear-trap’ type grips makes this wig very versatile. My daughter wore this for halloween. I’ve never seen a hair piece look so good a must buy. Excellent product and exactly how described. Daughter is delighted with her harley quinn wig. Would highly recommend seller. Wonderful qualityFantastic wig Best qualityVery happy with purchaseQIYUN.Z Women Batman Harley Quinn Cosplay Ponytail Golden Curly Long Wavy Anime Wigs100% high quality heat resistant synthetic hair,silky and glamour as human hairLength: 11.81+13.78 inch; Great for Halloween, Anime cosplay, Theme party, Weddings, DatingFull CoverageW111A1204/1ONESoft touch, natural looking.Highly durable and long lasting. Can be washed and reusable.The size is adjustable and no pins or tape should be required. It should fit on most people.We promise the quality. If you have any question, please contact us via emaillast_img read more

5 Ways You Can Get the Most Out of Your GorillaPod


first_imgHere are a few different ways the GorillaPod can help you capture those elusive shots when nothing else at hand seems to work.Top image via GorillaPod has been around for a few years, and it has risen in popularity thanks to big-time vloggers like Casey Neistat working with the tripod on a daily basis. This piece of equipment is cheap, reliable, and extremely versatile for any up-and-coming filmmaker or daily vlogger. Perhaps the best feature about the tripod is its shape-shifting capability.These different ways of using the GorillaPod are great if you have a small DSLR or mirrorless camera setup. I’m sure this might seem obvious, but do not put your giant telephoto on the camera while using this. It will tip over. It will give you a mini heart attack. I do not recommend doing this. 1. Creating a JibObviously, this is not a traditional jib that gives you the freedom to control your camera angle any way you’d like. But what else do you want from a moving shot other than controlled stabilization? Even if you’re only moving about a foot, this move is perfect if you’re ever shooting small products for a corporate client. The movement will give the shot some life in what can be an otherwise boring video. Jordy from Cinecom recommends rolling the camera angle with the last knob closest to the camera, using your thumb.2. Mini SteadicamWhile it might seem counterproductive, flip your GorillaPod upside down, stretch two arms to the side, and hold on to the middle leg. For walking shots, this will provide decent stabilization, with the two legs acting as counterweights to minimize shakiness. Naturally, the footage will be upside down, so flip it right-side up in post-production by using the Rotation tool, and throw on some warp stabilizer (because why not).3. Going Hands FreeFor your POV shots, consider just bending the back leg across your back and let the front legs rest on your chest. This might seem a little precarious, and it is. But just make sure to tuck the back leg into your clothes so it won’t slip out. I wouldn’t recommend running or doing any action-based recording like this. Rather, this is perfect for anybody without access to a GoPro — or if you’re shooting with a big rig and need a quick mirrorless camera shot.4. Wrap It UpThe most effective and practical way to use a GorillaPod is by playing with the legs as they were meant to played with. Wrap them around everything — tree limbs, poles, lamps, anything! You can now get those weird Breaking Bad–type shots up in the rafters or on the side of your car. The best part about owning a GorillaPod is playing around with it because you never know what type of shot you can get. In the Cinecom video, Jordy wraps it around a branch, then holds the branch to create a makeshift drone shot.5. Ditch the CameraThe last least obvious way to use your GorillaPod is to not attach your camera to it. You can use the tripod to mount a light or microphone so you can work in a small area with limited access. Alternatively, you could use the device to hold a microphone next to you while you record a tutorial or stream gameplay on Twitch. The possibilities are endless with this wonderful, little device.Here are a few other ways to pull off seemingly impossible camera moves on a tight budget:3 Tips for Using Aerial Footage in Your Video5 Ways to Use a Gimbal to Capture Cinematic FootageLone Operator? Make Your Next Purchase a Motorized SliderMaster the Secrets of Time Lapse Videolast_img read more

Lighting in a Pinch: Five Tricks Using Your Mobile Phone


first_imgDo you need a lighting fix in a hurry, and on the cheap? These cell phone lighting tricks will work when you really need them to.So, these tips shouldn’t replace traditional lighting setups. I can’t overemphasize the importance of good lighting. But sometimes, things don’t work out the way you plan, and you need a fix, fast. When budgets are tight and timelines are short, try these quick setups. Looking for more lighting tips and tricks? Check out these articles.On the Market: Five Great Key Lights for Five Different BudgetsAre Bedsheets a Viable Option for Low-Budget Light Diffusion?DIY Filmmaking Tips: Building a Heavily Diffused $50 LightEvery Stressed Out Cinematographers Best Friend: The Pre-Light7 DIY Filmmaking Hacks: From Creating New Lights to Building Your Own Hi-hat Tip 1: Moody LightingGetting fast and effective moody lighting can be relatively simple when you have a mobile phone at hand.Step 1: Eliminate as much source light as possible (i.e. close the windows and turn off all lights).Step 2: Search for images (online) of the color red. Once you’ve found a solid version of that color, scale it to fit your entire phone screen. Doing this will create a stylish mood light you can use for highlighting objects and characters within a scene. I love using this technique for run-and-gun product shoots. Tip 4: Stick It to the CeilingI’ve used this technique on countless projects — anything from a short web series to feature films. To achieve this, you’ll need three minimal tools: gaff tape, a gel, and a phone you’re willing to tape to the ceiling.Step 1: Cut out a small phone-sized square from the gel.Step 2: Apply a piece of gaff tape to each flat side of the square.Step 3: Flip your phone into flashlight mode and stick it to the ceiling, using the taped gel as a pocket for the light.Step 4: Make sure the flashlight is pointing downward (this is crucial).Step 5: Turn off the other lights.Step 6: Stand amazed!center_img Tip 5: Light It With Mouth WashIf a room isn’t giving you the stylistic look you want, perhaps it needs some color! A simple way to give it some cinematic punch is to light it with a bottle of mouthwash — seriously!Step 1: Flip your phone into flashlight mode (I’m starting to feel like a broken record here), and place it under a bottle of mouthwash, dishwashing detergent, or any colored liquid you can find under the kitchen sink.Step 2: Turn off the light.Step 3: Mind Blown! Tip 2: Use Your Flashlight!This is by far my most-used technique from the bunch. It’s super simple yet incredibly effective.Step 1: Get out your phone, and (you guessed it) flip it into flashlight mode.Step 2: Find a counter or a flat surface where you can prop up your phone, then angle it toward the wall or item you want to light.The result is subtle (and obviously it can’t replace a traditional background light) but when you’re in a pinch, or if you’ve run out of lights (which often happens to me), this is a cinematic lifesaver.Tip 3: SoftboxFlashlight + white photo = softbox! The Pocket Softbox (came up with that myself) may be one of my favorite lighting hacks when I’m stuck in a dark room with little to no lighting resources.Step 1: Flip on your phone’s flashlight, bouncing the light off a white or bright surface in your location. This will immediately create a DIY softbox.Step 2: Find a photo of a pure white image on your phone, and make sure it fills up the entire screen.Step 3: Crank your phone’s brightness to the max, and angle the screen toward your face. Between the light falling off the screen and the glow from the wall, this should give you (or your subject) the extra kick your scene needs.last_img read more

Pehlu Khan case: Alwar court finds ‘serious lacunas’ in police probe


first_imgThe sessions court in Alwar, which acquitted six persons accused of beating Haryana dairy farmer Pehlu Khan to death, has pointed out “serious lacunas” in the police investigation which created doubts about the involvement of the accused in the alleged crime, making the prosecution’s theory unreliable. The court gave the benefit of the doubt to the accused and absolved all of them of the offences of murder and rioting.In her 92-page judgment delivered on Wednesday, Additional District & Sessions Judge Sarita Swami ruled that the prosecution had failed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt and neither the evidence of its witnesses nor the material placed on record was sufficient to convict the six persons.  The shortcomings pointed out by the court included the failure of Khan’s sons, who were also injured in the April 1, 2017 incident, to identify the accused, as they were different from those named by the victim in his statement before death. The CID-CB had concluded in its probe that the six persons named by Khan were not present on the spot.The court noted that Investigating Officer Ramesh Sinsinwar had not obtained a certificate of Khan’s medical fitness from doctors attending on him before recording his statement and given a gap of 16 hours in submitting it for registration of case at Behror police station the next day. “This clearly depicts the police officer’s serious lapse in investigation,” the court said.Khan, 55, and his sons were transporting cows, after purchasing them in a cattle fair in Jaipur, to their hometown Nuh in Haryana, when they were waylaid near Behror on the Jaipur-Delhi national highway by a mob of self-styled cow vigilantes and beaten up with the accusation of smuggling the cattle. Khan succumbed to injuries in a hospital after two days.The judge said the police officers had not seized and produced before the court the mobile phone with which the video footage of the incident was said to have been shot. “No forensic science laboratory’s test was conducted and no oral evidence about it was submitted. It is a settled principle of law that an electronic evidence is admissible only as a supporting proof when it is corroborated by the witnesses,” the court said.The court said the injured persons, who were among the 44 witnesses presented by the prosecution, had not identified the accused during the probe and in the court, but they stated the latter’s names during cross-examination. This also created suspicion about the prosecution’s theory, according to the court.Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has announced that the State government would file an appeal in the Rajasthan High Court against the sessions court’s judgment. “Our government has enacted a law against mob lynching in the first week of August. We are committed to ensuring justice for the family of late Pehlu Khan,” he said.last_img read more