Florida’s University System Fights Lawsuit Seeking Refunds


first_imgIt continues, “Student fees are used for the benefit of all students throughout a particular institution. In addition to being totally unworkable, it would defeat the statutory framework … if students could select which fees they want to pay based on which facilities, activities or services they may or may not use during their enrollment at a university.”The lawsuit is one of several cases filed here and in other states seeking refunds for students.The named plaintiffs in this case are University of Florida graduate student Anthony Rojas, Florida Atlantic University undergraduate Amanda Heine and Florida Atlantic graduate student Jordan Sperling.“FBOG’s (the Florida Board of Governors’) decision to transition to online classes and to request or encourage students to leave campus were responsible decisions to make, but it is unfair and unlawful for FBOG to retain fees and to pass the losses on to the students and their families,” the lawsuit adds. The State University System of Florida is asking a Leon County circuit judge to throw out a potential class-action lawsuit in which students are asking for partial refunds of fees they paid for the spring semester.Their lawsuit, which was filed in May, results from the public universities shutting down their campuses and shifting to online classes due to the coronavirus pandemic.In the complaint, the plaintiffs argue that they should receive partial refunds of expenses including activities fees, athletics fees and transportation fees.However, in a motion to dismiss the case which was filed last week, attorneys for the university system’s Board of Governors argued that the system’s fee structure is established in state law.“Importantly, nowhere in the fees rubric established by the Legislature is there any provision that sets out a prorated refund of fees if an enrolled student contends they have not used a particular service or engaged in a particular activity because they are not physically on campus,” the motion says.last_img read more

Red Bluff High girls golf second to PV in Northern Section championships


first_imgOroville >> It wasn’t surprising that Jackie Lucena took top honors at the Northern Section girls golf championships.But the hardware she received was.“Oh, sweet!” The Pleasant Valley High junior exclaimed when Vikings head coach Tom Fegley handed it to her and told her she gets to keep the sizable trophy for a year. “Cool!”Lucena figured the trophy would remain with officials. Instead, she now knows precisely where it will go. “Right on my counter, next to a couple of other …last_img

Africa’s first Turkish mosque opens in SA


first_img5 October 2012South Africa’s tourism industry is set to benefit from the first mosque built in South Africa to cater for the Turkish Islamic community, President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday.Speaking at the official opening of the mosque in Midrand, Johannesburg – a first on the African continent, and the largest religious complex in the southern hemisphere – Zuma said the facility would also help foster understanding and tolerance among religions.In Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii in Turkish) is an historical mosque that has over the years become a popular tourist attraction in the country.The mosque is known as the Blue Mosque because of the blue tiles surrounding the walls’ interior.In South Africa, the Nizamiye Complex is the brainchild of 74-year-old Ali Katircioglu, a prominent Turkish businessman who came to South Africa four years ago.Before the start of the project, Katircioglu met with former president Nelson Mandela, who recommended that a clinic be built near the mosque. A school has also been added to cater for about 800 learners.Both the clinic and school will be open to the public.“We are truly honoured that members of the Turkish business community have chosen South Africa for this historic Nizamiye Complex,” Zuma said. “It will further enhance economic and tourism development between our two countries.”Strengthening SA-Turkey tiesThe mosque will also build on the productive diplomatic relations between South Africa and Turkey that have existed since 1991.Beyond the economy, Turkey and South Africa share many views on global platforms. The two countries are both members of the G20 and, as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, Turkey has been a prominent voice supporting Africa inside the council.“Like South Africa, Turkey supports the restructuring of the United Nations Security Council. We also welcome and appreciate the role Turkey continues to play in the advancement of the African agenda,” Zuma said.Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane said the facility would not only boost tourism for South Africa but would also contribute to the growing economy of Gauteng province and the country.“This facility that we are opening today is a boost for our country and a confirmation of our strong partnership with the Turkish community,” she said.Economic Development Minister Ibrahim Patel said the opening “celebrates the growing economic relations between these two great nations. This is Africa’s largest economy, blessed with enormous opportunities for investments, and already we have seen Turkish businessmen pouring into South Africa.”He said Turkish companies continued to create jobs for locals, citing Turkish factories in East London.Source: SANews.gov.zalast_img read more

Lighting in a Pinch: Five Tricks Using Your Mobile Phone


first_imgDo you need a lighting fix in a hurry, and on the cheap? These cell phone lighting tricks will work when you really need them to.So, these tips shouldn’t replace traditional lighting setups. I can’t overemphasize the importance of good lighting. But sometimes, things don’t work out the way you plan, and you need a fix, fast. When budgets are tight and timelines are short, try these quick setups. Looking for more lighting tips and tricks? Check out these articles.On the Market: Five Great Key Lights for Five Different BudgetsAre Bedsheets a Viable Option for Low-Budget Light Diffusion?DIY Filmmaking Tips: Building a Heavily Diffused $50 LightEvery Stressed Out Cinematographers Best Friend: The Pre-Light7 DIY Filmmaking Hacks: From Creating New Lights to Building Your Own Hi-hat Tip 1: Moody LightingGetting fast and effective moody lighting can be relatively simple when you have a mobile phone at hand.Step 1: Eliminate as much source light as possible (i.e. close the windows and turn off all lights).Step 2: Search for images (online) of the color red. Once you’ve found a solid version of that color, scale it to fit your entire phone screen. Doing this will create a stylish mood light you can use for highlighting objects and characters within a scene. I love using this technique for run-and-gun product shoots. Tip 4: Stick It to the CeilingI’ve used this technique on countless projects — anything from a short web series to feature films. To achieve this, you’ll need three minimal tools: gaff tape, a gel, and a phone you’re willing to tape to the ceiling.Step 1: Cut out a small phone-sized square from the gel.Step 2: Apply a piece of gaff tape to each flat side of the square.Step 3: Flip your phone into flashlight mode and stick it to the ceiling, using the taped gel as a pocket for the light.Step 4: Make sure the flashlight is pointing downward (this is crucial).Step 5: Turn off the other lights.Step 6: Stand amazed!center_img Tip 5: Light It With Mouth WashIf a room isn’t giving you the stylistic look you want, perhaps it needs some color! A simple way to give it some cinematic punch is to light it with a bottle of mouthwash — seriously!Step 1: Flip your phone into flashlight mode (I’m starting to feel like a broken record here), and place it under a bottle of mouthwash, dishwashing detergent, or any colored liquid you can find under the kitchen sink.Step 2: Turn off the light.Step 3: Mind Blown! Tip 2: Use Your Flashlight!This is by far my most-used technique from the bunch. It’s super simple yet incredibly effective.Step 1: Get out your phone, and (you guessed it) flip it into flashlight mode.Step 2: Find a counter or a flat surface where you can prop up your phone, then angle it toward the wall or item you want to light.The result is subtle (and obviously it can’t replace a traditional background light) but when you’re in a pinch, or if you’ve run out of lights (which often happens to me), this is a cinematic lifesaver.Tip 3: SoftboxFlashlight + white photo = softbox! The Pocket Softbox (came up with that myself) may be one of my favorite lighting hacks when I’m stuck in a dark room with little to no lighting resources.Step 1: Flip on your phone’s flashlight, bouncing the light off a white or bright surface in your location. This will immediately create a DIY softbox.Step 2: Find a photo of a pure white image on your phone, and make sure it fills up the entire screen.Step 3: Crank your phone’s brightness to the max, and angle the screen toward your face. Between the light falling off the screen and the glow from the wall, this should give you (or your subject) the extra kick your scene needs.last_img read more

16 days agoRichards has dig at Man City kids: Only Foden has right attitude


first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Richards has dig at Man City kids: Only Foden has right attitudeby Paul Vegas16 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer Manchester City defender Micah Richards believes Phil Foden is a class apart from the other promising youngsters at the club.City now possess one of the best youth teams in the country and Foden is the shining light of the club’s academy.”Phil Foden is an exceptional talent,” he told the Gloved podcast.”He is going to get games.”Whereas some of the young players are just happy to say they play for Man City.”They’ve got pictures on Instagram, they’ve got the nicest cars and they’re earning good money.”No disrespect to them, but they think they’ve made it already.”It’s only really Foden who’s probably going to get a chance within the current squad because he’s the only one who is showing the signs that he could play at that level.” last_img read more

Googles AI push comes with plenty of people problems


first_imgMENLO PARK, Calif. – Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently declared that artificial intelligence fueled by powerful computers was more important to humanity than fire or electricity. And yet the search giant increasingly faces a variety of messy people problems as well.The company has vowed to employ thousands of human checkers just to catch rogue YouTube posters, Russian bots and other purveyors of unsavoury content. It’s also on a buying spree to find office space for its burgeoning workforce in pricey Silicon Valley.For a company that built its success on using faceless algorithms to automate many human tasks, this focus on people presents something of a conundrum. Yet it’s also a necessary one as lawmakers ramp up the pressure on Google to deter foreign powers from abusing its platforms and its YouTube unit draws fire for offensive videos , particularly ones aimed at younger audiences.In the latest quarter alone, Google parent Alphabet Inc. added 2,009 workers, for a total of 80,110. Over the last three years, it hired a net 2,245 people per quarter on average. That’s nearly 173 per week, or 25 people per day.Some of the extra workers this year will be part of Google’s pledge to have 10,000 people across the company snooping out videos and other material that violate the company’s policies — but which computers can’t catch on their own. That program will lead to what Google calls “significant growth ” in personnel.Google will take on even more workers in the current quarter now that it has closed its $1.1 billion purchase of part of hardware maker HTC, bringing onboard the 2,000-plus engineers who worked on the Pixel smartphone line.On Thursday, Pichai spoke bullishly about content-checkers hiring, saying the investments now set the company up to capture growth in the future — in the same call with investors that he touted self-driving vehicles developed by Alphabet’s Waymo unit, which aim to do away with human drivers entirely.For instance, Pichai said he sees consumers increasingly watching YouTube videos on connected TVs in the living room, a lucrative segment of growth for the digital video advertising that helps power Google’s growth.After controversies over YouTube stars who made anti-Semitic comments or showed video of someone who had apparently died by suicide, Google has tightened its standards . It has limited which YouTube channels can serve up ads; vowed to manually review every video in its most popular channels for 18-to-34-year-olds; and will pay outside companies to ensure that brands don’t have their ads turn up next to unsuitable videos.“While there have been some concerns, we’re working really hard to address them and respond strongly,” Pichai said.Some analysts aren’t so sure. Collin Colburn, an analyst with market researcher Forrester, wonders how much of the recent changes are just window dressing at a company for whom hiring thousands of people amounts to little more than pocket change.“I wonder if it’s more of a move of optics rather than practicality,” Colburn said, noting Google’s “massive” double-digit revenue growth and cash hoard of $102 billion.Revenue at Google parent Alphabet rose 24 per cent from a year ago to $32.32 billion. After subtracting advertising commissions, revenue was $25.87 billion, exceeding Street forecasts of $25.65 billion. But the company swung to a $3 billion loss from a $5.33 billion profit a year earlier, reflecting the recent federal tax overhaul.Alphabet shares were down 2.3 per cent at $1,141.42 in after-hours trading.Google’s growing workforce has the company on a real-estate tear.It recently opened up offices in Austin, Texas; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Boulder, Colorado; and is planning to open offices in Detroit. It broke ground in November on a huge office building in the heart of London, home to its DeepMind artificial intelligence unit, that will come complete with a rooftop running track.Near its current headquarters, construction is underway on two futuristic dome-like structures infused with natural light, brimming with solar panels and set to open in late 2019. Google is negotiating with the city of Mountain View to add 10,000 housing units, many of which will likely be home to employees known as “Googlers.”Pichai said the company intends to hire “thousands of people across the U.S.” this year, build or open five new data centres, and make “significant investments” in nine states.last_img read more

Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the


first_imgTORONTO – Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week:Never-ending NAFTA: The seventh round of North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations commence in Mexico City on Monday, where fallout from the recently signed Trans-Pacific Partnership is likely to cause tension. Ottawa has said TPP is likely to curb U.S. imports into Canada by $3.3 billion, mainly in automotive products, a gap U.S. negotiators may seek to close in a renegotiated NAFTA deal.Canada’s first feminist budget: Finance Minister Bill Morneau tables the federal budget on Tuesday, which will feature the economic success of women and gender equality as major themes. A briefing note prepared for Morneau estimates that closing the labour-market participation gap between women and men by half over 15 years would raise the country’s potential long-term economic growth by an average of 0.25 percentage points per year over that period.Banks look to the black: BMO, Scotiabank and TD are all set to release first-quarter results this week. While analysts expect one-time writedowns due to a reduction of deferred tax assets south of the border, the broader picture for the banks looks sunnier thanks to U.S. tax reform and higher interest rates, although domestic mortgage demand and ongoing tensions over NAFTA could cloud the long-term outlook.Valeant earnings: Valeant Pharmaceuticals discusses fourth-quarter and year-end results on Wednesday. A U.S. District Court judge gave Canada’s largest publicly traded drug company preliminary approval in January for a $368-million settlement of lawsuits stemming from the unsuccessful attempted hostile takeover in 2014 of Botox maker Allergan Inc.Have you checked the mail room? Bakery goods and grocery giant George Weston releases fourth-quarter and year-end results on Friday. The CEO of rival grocer Sobeys said earlier this month that George Weston and Loblaw Companies “should keep checking the mailroom” for upcoming legal action after they implicated Sobeys in an alleged industry-wide bread price-fixing scheme that goes “right to the heart of the trust” between Canadians and their grocers.last_img read more

Kohli not shrewd franchise skipper cant be compared to Dhoni Rohit


first_imgNew Delhi: Virat Kohli is not a “shrewd captain” who could be compared to his national team deputy Rohit Sharma or former skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who have won three IPL titles each, feels former KKR captain Gautam Gambhir. The former India opener, who led Kolkata Knight Riders to two IPL trophies in 2012 and 2014, feels that in result oriented franchise environment, Kohli has been “lucky” to have survived despite Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) never winning the coveted title in his eight years as skipper. “I don’t see him as a shrewd captain. I don’t see him as a tactful captain (tactician). And he hasn’t won the IPL. So ultimately, a captain is only as good as his record,” Gambhir told on host broadcasters’ ‘Star Sports’ show ‘GamePlan’. Gambhir’s comments is specific to Kohli’s success as a leader in IPL since he is the first captain who has led India to a Test series win on Australian soil. “There are people who have won the trophy three times. MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma. So I think he has a long way to go. You cannot compare him to someone like Rohit or Dhoni at this stage,” Gambhir said. “He has been a part of RCB, and captaining RCB for the last seven to eight years, and he has been very lucky and should be thanking the franchise that they stuck with him. Because not many captains have got such a long rope where they haven’t won a tournament,” said Gambhir, who had to part ways with KKR in 2018 after seven long years and two titles.last_img read more

HC stays till Apr 8 interim fee hike by pvt unaided schools


first_imgNew Delhi: The Delhi High Court Wednesday stayed till April 8 interim hike in fees by private unaided schools in the national capital on a plea of the AAP government challenging its single judge order allowing the same.A bench of Justices S Muralidhar and I S Mehta also issued notice and sought response of Action Committee Unaided Recognised Private Schools, in which a number of private schools are members. The Delhi government on Tuesday had challenged in the HC its single judge order allowing private unaided schools in the national capital to go ahead with the interim hike in fees to implement the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission on salaries of teachers and other employees. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderThe single judge on March 15 had permitted the interim fee hike by quashing a Delhi government circular of April 13 last year, which had prohibited private unaided schools functioning on government land from hiking tuition amounts without approval of the Directorate of Education (DoE). The government order was selectively applied to private schools which were on government land and as per a ‘land clause’ in the lease agreement, they needed to seek prior approval of the DoE before hiking fees. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsThe division bench on Wednesday said that till April 8, the next date of hearing, none of the ‘land clause’ schools will proceed to collect the interim hiked fee. It also asked the Delhi government to produce on the next date, the orders passed by it on the proposals given by different ‘land clause’ schools for hiking fees. The Delhi government, through its standing counsel Ramesh Singh and additional standing counsel Santosh Kumar Tripathi, said the findings of the single judge that the interim fee hike was perfectly in order in view of an earlier order of the high court is “ex-facie unsustainable”. Seeking to set aside the order of the single judge, the government said the court had erred in holding that no prior approval of DoE was required in case of interim fee hike as the same was not an act of fee increase by the school, but a dispensation by the department itself. “The single judge failed to appreciate the interim fee hike as contemplated in the circular of October 17, 2017 could not have obviated the mandatory requirement of prior approval in DDA land clause cases, even though, the same was a dispensation by the DoE as the said dispensation was merely an interim measure subject to detailed scrutiny and prior approval of the DoE once the accounts of the schools have been scrutinised,” the Delhi government said in its appeal. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Wednesday hailed the Delhi High Court’s order staying the interim hike in fees by private unaided schools in the city till April 8. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia also welcomed the court’s order. “Delhi government, in it audit report of schools that were willing to increase their fees, found that they had excess money than they were spending. Delhi has an honest government which understands the pain of parents. Schools have a right to charge fees according to their expenditure but this government will not allow them to increase their arbitrarily,” he posted on Twitter. Kejriwal tweeted there was anger among parents due to the fee hike but the AAP government appealed in the High Court.last_img read more

Manoj Tiwari holds roadshow in Delhi


first_imgNew Delhi: Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari, who is re-contesting from the North East Delhi Lok Sabha seat, on Saturday held a massive roadshow here. Tiwari, who is pitted against Delhi Congress chief and three-time Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Aam Aadmi party’s Dilip Pandey, kicked off the 15 km-roadshow from MIG flats in north east Delhi to Loni road, covering areas like Shahdra, Jagatpuri and Mansarovar park. Hundreds of BJP supporters participated in the roadshow and raised slogans in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Also Read – CM urges Delhiites to help accident victims The traffic in the area came to a standstill as people thronged on the streets to get a glimpse of the Bhojpuri actor and singer. Tiwari had held a similar roadshow in his constituency while filing his nomination earlier this week. The elections on all the seven seats in the national capital is scheduled on May 12, in the sixth phase of polling. The BJP, which won all the seven seats in 2014, is facing a triangular fight in the city as the talks of alliance between the AAP and Congress failed.last_img read more