Redefining the Future


first_imgToday, EMC published our eighth annual sustainability report: Redefine the Future.People often make the mistake of thinking this report is just about “being green” with nothing but statistics about emissions reduction and waste avoidance. But that barely scratches the surface!From detailing the best-in-show winner of EMC’s Innovation Roadmap (our internal research & development competition), a recent Climate Data Lake project in collaboration with the Schoodic Institute, and highlights from Total Customer Experience Day, to electronic waste recycling in India, STEM education in Mali, and the EMC Privacy Index, this report truly highlights how my EMC colleagues around the globe are building a vision of a sustainability into their jobs every day.For example, we launched the Supply Chain Sustainability Management and Resource Training (SMaRT) Library to provide training modules, case studies, and other resources to help suppliers address social and environmental responsibility issues. We live and work in a complex, interconnected economy where inequality, unfair labor and poor environmental practices regrettably still exist. The SMaRT Library is one way EMC is raising the bar for the business practices within our own supply chain.Another major global issue is the disposal of eWaste, electronic products at the end of their useful life. When not handled properly, eWaste poses serious human health and environmental problems.  Not only do we continue to offer take-back services to EMC customers worldwide, 100% of our Information Technology Asset Disposal partners, the companies that receive EMC equipment for disposal, are certified to R2 or eStewards standards for responsible recycling.Companies are expected to deliver more than a healthy financial bottom line; they also are responsible for contributing to a healthy global economy, environment, and society. In other words, sustainability really is about redefining the future – making sure that our business, our community, and our natural world are working together to build the future we want.last_img read more

Is your Data Still Protected? Three Steps that Could Save Enterprises $1m a Year


first_imgThere’s no doubting that today’s IT community is stretched. Most IT professionals are so busy dealing with everyday challenges and managing fires that there’s hardly ever time to recognize progress. However organizations are making progress protecting their data from traditional risks. According to the EMC Global Data Protection Index 2016 research released by EMC today, organizations have reduced the frequency of the top four traditional causes of data loss. This marks real progress in the efforts to ensure data is available no matter what happens.But it’s not all roses.At the same time that businesses are improving their defenses against traditional risks, new data protection challenges are emerging and are taking their toll on unprepared organizations. Compared to the EMC Global Data Protection Index 2014, 13% more organizations have experienced data loss or disruption in the 12 preceding months, costing them an average of $914,000.What are the three biggest emerging challenges businesses need to come to grips with today to keep their data safe?1) Protect against destructive hacking attacksThe study revealed that 36% of businesses surveyed have lost data as the result of an external or internal security breach. When protecting against accidental data loss, the key is creating protection copies. But, when hackers deliberately try to take down a business, they can attack those protection copies too. EMC’s Data Domain and Data Protection Suite provide advanced hardening and data protection features for these rapidly changing threats. For even more protection, businesses can leverage advanced data protection solutions and separate copies of their data from the network. EMC’s Isolated Recovery Solutions isolate the data so that it can be restored even from the most extensive attack.2) Protect data in the cloudThe study also revealed that less than 50% of all organizations are currently protecting cloud data against corruption and less than 50% are protecting it against deletion. Why? Because many businesses believe that their cloud provider protects their data for them. But, its just as important to plan your data protection strategy in cloud IT environments as it ever was for on-prem IT environments. If an employee accidentally deletes files or introduces a virus, that’s generally not covered by a cloud provider. SaaS backup, like EMC Spanning, enables businesses to take scheduled backups of their in-app data to ensure that they always have a fallback version of their files if one is required. 90% of businesses are also using the cloud as a target for their data protection. Tools like EMC Data Domain Cloud Tier provide the most efficient long-term cloud-based retention by securely and natively tiering deduplicated data to the cloud.3) Protect data stored in flash environments73% percent of businesses admitted that they were not very confident that their current data protection solutions will be able to keep pace with the faster performance and new capabilities of flash storage. With 2016 being the “Year of All Flash”, where, for most primary storage, businesses are going to find that it’s more cost effective for them to choose an all-flash array over traditional disk-based storage, this can pose a problem for unprepared organizations. For businesses with particularly demanding workloads on flash arrays, EMC ProtectPoint copies data directly from primary to Data Domain with no traditional backup infrastructure, cutting backup times by 10x and restore times by 20x.Overall, less than one fifth (18%) said they were confident that their data protection solutions will meet their future business challenges. With emerging challenges already contributing to a $914,000 price tag for data loss or disruption incidents to affected enterprises globally in the past 12 months organizations need to act now to ensure that their data protection strategy is fit for the future. Businesses need to build on the progress that they’ve already made with respect to traditional threats and partner with a vendor who can help them extend that progress to new challenges in order to ensure that they have data protection everywhere.Is your data still protected?last_img read more

Transform Your Server Marketing


first_imgNew PowerEdge server marketing campaign – customizable to your needsWhen it comes to promoting and selling the new 14th Generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, we are dedicated to giving our valued partners every advantage possible.With that in mind, we created an exciting new server marketing campaign and effective, easy-to-use resources that provide everything you need for PowerEdge success.New marketing assets designed to drive your server salesFollowing the July launch of our PowerEdge 14G server portfolio, we updated the Dell EMC Server Refresh campaign to fully enable the ‘Refresh’ conversation you should have with your customers to identify server opportunities.The campaign provides a wealth of marketing communications assets, copy blocks, and supporting materials including Industry and Analyst white papers, social media kits, and a new event kit – all designed so you can execute an eye-catching, engaging, and, most importantly, profitable server demand generation campaign.The choice is yours The best plan of attack for your business? The choice is entirely yours, as we’ve provided numerous options for how you can use and leverage our marketing materials. Regardless of your marketing team’s size, bandwidth, or budget, we have a Server Refresh campaign solution for you. What does that mean in practice? Let’s look at some scenarios…Planning a full funnel campaign or only want building blocks? If you have the ability to run an integrated, full funnel campaign, we can support you all the way with expert resources. Or, perhaps you only need campaign building blocks to add content to your existing campaign?Either way, you can find everything you need in our comprehensive Dell EMC Server Refresh Campaign Playbook, which contains content for 1-to-1 and 1-to-many emails, web banners, videos, IDC and CIO white papers, social media content, an event kit, and even a call guide.     > Visit the Dell EMC Campaign PlaybookNeed online content? If you want to enhance your online presence, our new Dell EMC Marketing Platform provides a range of syndication content with supporting email and social content to help drive customers to your site.     > Access the Dell EMC Marketing Platform     Seeking structured support? If you have limited resources or need guidance on how to begin a server campaign, our new Dell EMC Server Activation Pack provides easy-to-use tools, such as AMPs (Approved Marketing Packs), which are ready-to-go, pre-packaged, MDF-approved bundles aligned to the marketing funnel to help you execute quickly and efficiently. You will also find a range of enablement and motivation activities to support your marketing plan.     > Explore the Dell EMC Server Activation PackPrepare for PowerEdgeHowever you choose to market the PowerEdge 14G server portfolio, we’ll provide the materials you need to easily execute a custom campaign to drive maximum MDF ROI.Are you 100 percent prepared for the excitement surrounding PowerEdge 14G? Get up-to-speed today, and get ready for server success! For more information, watch our Dell EMC Server Marketing webcast >>last_img read more

Dell EMC Maintains ‘Commanding Market Share Lead’ in HPC Storage


first_imgA new report from Intersect360 Research says Dell EMC maintains a commanding market share lead in high-performance storage and is also the leader in total HPC solutions revenue.The worldwide HPC storage market continues to grow, and once again Dell EMC is maintaining a significant market-share lead, according to a new report from Intersect360 Research.[1]“The HPC storage category grew to approximately $5.7 billion worldwide in 2018, up 1.0% from 2017,” Intersect 360 Research notes. “Dell EMC maintained a commanding market share lead, with above-average revenue growth.”Intersect360 Research defines HPC as the use of servers, clusters, and supercomputers — plus associated software, tools, components, storage, and services — for scientific, engineering, or analytical tasks that are particularly intensive in computation, memory usage or data management. The Dell EMC portfolio covers that entire spectrum of hardware, software and services for organizations that rely on HPC systems.In terms of the broader HPC market, Dell EMC continues to lead the category for combined HPC server and storage share. In addition, Dell EMC is closing in on HPE for the top spot in the HPC server market, and Dell EMC is the leader in total HPC solutions revenue, according to Intersect360 Research.[2]“HPE held the number-one position for HPC server revenue for the sixth straight year, but its gap over number-two Dell EMC has narrowed to a thin margin,” Intersect360 Research reports. “Dell EMC also has the number-one revenue share position for storage for HPC applications, ahead of number-two NetApp. Counting all products and services, Dell EMC is the leader in total HPC solutions revenue.”Findings like these suggest that Dell EMC is ideally positioned to serve as a trusted partner for the design, development and deployment of leading-edge HPC systems. That’s a point that Thierry Pellegrino, vice president of HPC at Dell EMC, underscores in a recent news release.“Organizations are increasingly using HPC and AI technology as tools to gain greater insight and value from their data,” Thierry says. “Getting started and using these technologies can be complex, so we’re focused on making it simpler for organizations of all sizes. We’ve engineered Dell EMC Ready Solutions as tested and validated configurations that help our customers more easily and quickly benefit from HPC and AI technologies to reach their ultimate goals.”[3]Key takeawaysIntersect360 Research determined:Dell EMC maintains a commanding market share lead in HPC storage.Dell EMC leads the category for combined HPC server and storage market share.Dell EMC is the leader in total HPC solutions revenue.To learn moreFor a closer look at the Intersect360 Research findings on the HPC storage markets, see the executive summary for the report “Worldwide High Performance Computing 2018 Total Market Model: Storage Revenue Shares.”For a look at the firm’s findings on the broader HPC market, see the news release “Intersect360 Research Releases Latest HPC Worldwide Market Numbers.”[1] Intersect360 Research, “Worldwide High Performance Computing 2018 Total Market Model: Storage Revenue Shares,” May 29, 2019[2] Intersect360 Research, “Intersect360 Research Releases Latest HPC Worldwide Market Numbers,” June 7, 2019[3] Dell Technologies, “Dell Technologies Simplifies Customers’ Path to Innovation with AI and High Performance Computing,” June 17, 2019last_img read more

From the Cutting Room Floor to Flying Drones


first_imgLuisa Winters, co-owner of Mid-Atlantic Drones, is an Adobe Master Trainer, a certified pilot, and has more than 30 years’ experience in video production and cinematography. In 2011 she became interested in “the tripod that flies.” Luisa now combines her passions and expertise to capture award-winning footage for clients across real estate, construction, agriculture and other industries.As a #DellInsideCircle member, Luisa uses her Dell Precision 5750 mobile workstation daily. We sat down with her to hear more about the role of drones in the construction industry, the appeal of Adobe After Effects, and the evolution of video editing tools. Matt: As an Adobe Master Trainer, what video editing tools are you most excited about?  How has the use of Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro evolved over the years?Luisa: Years ago, people were either trained as Motion Graphics artists or editors; rarely both. Nowadays it is so easy to move from one program to the other using Adobe Dynamic Link that it makes sense that there’s an overlap in skillsets.Some of the most useful tools in both Premiere Pro and After Effects are Lumetri for color correction, plus Motion Graphics Templates. Content Aware fill in After Affects has enhanced my drone shots by allowing me to safely (and easily) remove unwanted objects from moving shots. Productions in Premiere Pro lets me create episodic YouTube videos easily by putting all my previous projects in the same productions so I can refer to them quickly.Today, the incredible speed at which we can accomplish things has accelerated my ability to do more creatively.How has the evolution of technology impacted your career and the work that you do?One thing that has changed rapidly throughout my career is technology – fifteen years ago, it would take hours to process images, but now it can be done in minutes. Faster processing and more powerful workstations like the Precision 5750 let me deliver better projects. It is not that they make me a better artist; it is that they give me more time to try new things. As creators, it’s important to have time – that’s the beauty of technology to the service of art. Any advice for someone starting out in editing, cinematography, or drone operation?  I think the best advice I can give anyone in this area is to just get out there and do it. Sometimes my students tell me they don’t have a job yet, so they cannot practice editing or flying a drone. But if you don’t improve your art, how do you expect to get hired? You have nothing to edit? Create it! If you have a phone or a GoPro, make and edit your own video. We all get into this line of work because we love it, so practicing should be fun and not a chore.Let’s talk about your current role. How established is the use of drones in construction, and how has the pandemic changed the nature of your work? The use of drones in construction is common, not just for technical data such as collecting measurements and volume information, but also for progress reports. Clients like to monitor job progress and they don’t always have to opportunity to visit the site as frequently as they like. It’s an effective way for clients to view near real-time updates. All we need to do is put the drone up in the air and go!With your extensive experience in the media and entertainment industry, did you find it challenging moving into drone work?There are lots of synergies between the two – the technology we use, and the rendering workflows are similar – we’ve just swapped out keying, compositing and masking for maps and data collection.There is still a lot of After Effects work going on with drone work – for example, lots of 2020 marathons were converted to virtual runs. For a few clients, we were tasked to add sponsor banners throughout the run route using After Effects. This was challenging as it used the camera tracking feature in After Effects (3D camera tracker) and then I had to add the banners and even rotoscope where needed. It was time-consuming, but the clients where thrilled! What is the best or most memorable project you’ve ever worked on?We recently captured the demolition of four radio towers, which was all over the news in Washington, D.C. We arrived on site at 7:00 am, the explosions happened at 9am, and by 2:00 pm we had everything complete and uploaded! It would not have been possible without the speed of the technology I am using right now.last_img read more

Feds: Man threatened family of congressman, journalist


first_imgNEW YORK (AP) — Federal authorities say they’ve arrested a California man for threatening harm in text messages sent during the attack on the Capitol to family members of a New York congressman and a journalist. Robert Lemke was arrested in Bay Point, California, on Tuesday and will make an initial appearance in federal court in Northern California on Wednesday. A criminal complaint charging him with threatening interstate communications says he identifies himself on a Facebook page as a former captain in the U.S. Air Force and a retired sergeant with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office in California. It was not immediately clear who will represent him in court.last_img

Odom Jr., H.E.R., Andra Day score Golden Globe music nods


first_imgNEW YORK (AP) — The Golden Globe nominations include nods for R&B singers H.E.R., Celeste and Andra Day, who also earned an acting nod for her portrayal of Billie Holiday. The nominations were announced Wednesday. Veteran songwriter Diane Warren and Grammy and Tony winner Leslie Odom Jr. , who also earned an acting nod, round out the nominees for best original song at the Globes, which will air live on Feb. 28. In the best original score category, Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are double nominees, picking up bids for “Mank” and “Soul,” sharing the latter with Jon Batiste. Ludwig Göransson, Alexandre Desplat and James Newton Howard round out the best original score nominees.last_img

Israel’s Arab parties split in boost for Netanyahu


first_imgJERUSALEM (AP) — An alliance of Arab parties in Israel has finalized its breakup. That sets up the possibility that a small Islamist party could hold the key to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remaining in office and avoiding prosecution on corruption charges. The Joint List, an alliance of four Arab parties that won a record 15 seats in elections held last year, finalized the split early Thursday. Three will run together and the United Arab List, an Islamist party, will strike out on its own. That party has expressed openness to supporting Netanyahu in return for addressing social and economic issues, and could provide the margin he needs to assemble a ruling coalition.last_img