Answers to young turks quiz


first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. Answers to young turks quizOn 13 Mar 2001 in Personnel Today Howdid you do? Now compare your answers with those below and score accordingly.Question 1 Does your job title refer to“Personnel” or “HR”?–Personnel. You are stuck in the past. Deduct 1 point– HR. Add 1 pointQuestion 2 Do you report to themanaging director/chief executive officer or another functional director?–MD/CEO Add 2 points– Another functional director. Deduct 2 pointsQuestion 3 Do you regard anything withan “e-” at the front as new fangled?–Yes. Deduct 1 point– No. Add 1 pointQuestion 4 Have you devised a writtenHR strategy?–Yes. Add 2 points– No. Minus 2 pointsQuestion 5 Have you got a businessqualification?–None. Deduct1 point– MBA. Add 1 pointQuestion 6 Has your department everbeen referred to as the “Human Remains” department or some similar pejorativeor derogatory term?–Yes. Deduct 2 points– No. Add 2 pointsQuestion 7 Now that you’ve outsourcedhalf of your function, is the other half wondering what to do with all theirspare time?–No. Add 2 points– Yes. Deduct 2 pointsQuestion 8 Do the words “bottom line”and “performance measurement” sound like a foreign language in your team?–No. Add 2 points– Yes. Deduct 2 pointsQuestion 9 What title do you prefer –business partner or personnel officer?–Business partner. Add 1 point– Personnel officer. Deduct 1 pointQuestion 10 Do you think dress down daymeans replacing the pinstripe with a plain blue suit?–Yes. Add 1 point– No. Deduct 1 pointSCORINGHowdid you do?15 points: You are a high-flying, boardmember running the company. If you’re not, you should be.10-14 points: It’s only a matter oftime before you get your seat on the board.5-9 points: Time to call in the imageconsultants and make sure you get that qualification under your belt.1-4 points: You must be gathering dustin a fusty old personnel department.Less than 0: Have you thought aboutchanging your job? Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img

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