first_imgIS IT TRUE The Crossroads Community Church said attendance for their Easter service has declined so much that they will be moving out of the Ford Center?…the 2016 event at the Ford Center drew about 7,300 people after having drawn 10,000 people back in the days when the Easter service was held at Roberts Stadium?…Ford Center’s location as “inconvenient” due to a shortage of nearby parking according to Crossroads officials?…the church also cited excessive costs as a catalyst for the decision to vacate the Ford Center?…this is not the first time that convenience and costs have been cited for reasons to leave the Ford Center?…similar reasons were given by the former hockey team the Evansville Icemen for their decision to leave?IS IT TRUE it seems as though an effort is being mobilized to expand the Vanderburgh County Jail so more prisoners can be housed at the present location?…Vanderburgh County has been renting cells across the river in Henderson off and on for many years because we have more prisoners than cells?…while expanding the jail may have become necessary due to overcrowding, this is a pathetic reflection on our community?…at a time when we have a billion dollars in sewer problems, archaic water pipes, decaying sidewalks, and enough potholes to start a farm, the lawless among us are causing us to squander good taxpayer dollars on more jail cells?…this is just plain sad?IS IT TRUE yesterday City Council President Missy Mosby and County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave had a political war of words concerning a County Commission resolution to increase income taxes to pay for the jail expansion? …Ms Mosby charged that Mrs. Musgrave wasn’t being transparent concerning her support of the tax increase resolution? …Mosby also charged that County Commissioners are pushing this proposal for a vote without properly discussing it in public?  …we find Mrs. Musgrave response to Mosby charge of her not being transparent extremely entertaining? … Musgrave statement that Ms Mosby didn’t understand the use of the word transparent seemly was spot on since the discussion of the tax increase resolution to expand the jail by the Commissioners was held in public? …It’s obvious that Ms Mosby should not take Mrs. Musgrave head on in a political decision because it will prove to be a no win situation for her?IS IT TRUE that our old friend Mole #3 tells us that a couple members of the Evansville City Council may be quietly conspiring to take an additional 2% of the Homestead Tax Credit for 2017?…we have seen this sort of thing before back in 2009 when the City County Observer exposed a sneaky meeting called by former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel to take the whole thing away?…since that coup was averted Vanderburgh County homeowners have save over $50 Million that these politicians would have certainly squandered on some fun and games nonsense?…we have to ask what it is about penguins, ball fields, and jaguars that our elected, city officials like more than hard working human beings?IS IT TRUE in better news, Toyota is expanding their Princeton operation and will be creating an additional 400 jobs?…this will be a good shot in the arm for the local economy?FOOTNOTE: Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that Mayor Winnecke quietly gave his permission to increase the local income tax from the current 1% to 1.25% to help fund the jail renovation?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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