Eleven Colombians Claimed for Extradition to the United States are Arrested


first_imgBy Dialogo June 01, 2009 Bogota, 29 May (EFE). – Colombian authorities arrested for drug trafficking activities eleven alleged members of a money laundering network who are claimed for extradition by the United States, the Attorney General’s Office reported today. The arrestees were linked to the “Comba” or “Combatiente” drug trafficking ring, led by “Luis Enrique Calle Serna” (alias), said the judge, noting that the eleven are accused of laundering $100 million. Calle, one of the five most wanted drug traffickers in Colombia, succeeded Wilber Varela (“Jabón”), who was murdered over a year ago in Venezuela, as leader of a drug trafficking ring in the southwest of the country. The group wanted for extradition is composed of two women and nine men, who were arrested on Thursday during a raid by the prosecution which was supported by the Department of Administrative Security (DAS, state). The prosecution said in a statement that members of this money laundering network “used the black market, physically transported money, and made wire transfers to multiple accounts in United States, Europe, Central America, Canada, and Mexico.” The eleven are sought for extradition by the District Court of Georgia (USA).last_img

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