Court approves lease form


first_img August 1, 2000 Regular News Court approves lease form Overriding the concerns of some lawyers, the Florida Supreme Court has approved a new simplified residential lease for single family homes/duplexes. The court had in 1998 approved revisions to two other real estate related simplified forms, but accepted advice of critics of the simplified lease for single family homes and duplexes and deleted it entirely from its approved simplified forms. Shortly thereafter, the Bar Board of Governors asked the court to reconsider, arguing the form helps the public by allowing nonlawyers to assist others in completing one-year residential leases. The court heard oral arguments on lease revisions advertised in the March 1 Bar News and in its July 13 opinion approved that lease. The court also reauthorized the original 1992 simplified lease, which has been criticized by some as not meeting statutory changes since it was first approved. The court said specifically it was expressing no opinion on whether either form comports with state law, or on the legal correctness of the instructions accompanying the new form. The court also authorized circuit chief judges to prepare supplemental instructions for the forms to cover various local procedures. The opinion, with the forms attached as an appendix, can be found at the Supreme Court’s website at Copies of the lease are also available by contacting Karen Kelly at The Florida Bar at (800) 342-8060, ext. 5810. Court approves lease formlast_img

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