Binghamton CSD tests out new sanitation device ahead of school year


first_imgWilson says each device costs around $700 to $800 and the ones with the backpacks cost even more. He says while it’s not cheap, it’s still cost effective because the school doesn’t have to bring in extra cleaning personnel. They can instead use this machine. The machine sprays all around and can clean an entire classroom within seven minutes and dries within five minutes. Wilson says they will be using these a couple times a day in classrooms, bathrooms, and common touching surfaces like door handles and handrails. BCSD’s Executive Director of Human Resources and Operations, Eric Wilson, has had experience with disinfecting schools. He says when he worked for a Syracuse school district years ago, a stomach virus spread through the school. That’s when they brought in a spraying device to sanitize any and all surfaces, which is what made Wilson think of it for Binghamton’s school. However, Wilson explained it’s not the only thing they’ll be using to clean. The custodians will also be wiping down surfaces and taking care of the everyday sanitation duties on top of using the machine. “Basically, they use a charged ionic energy in the disinfectant solution, so it not only adheres to the tops of surfaces, but also the sides and even beneath them,” explained Wilson.center_img At least four of the devices will be at the high school building while every other building will have at least one. “It is a very helpful technology because it is very difficult right now to find people who are willing to do custodial work,” said Wilson. “It really is a front line essential worker job.” BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — When BCSD had to plan for the many changes to the school year, they made sure to include an electrostatic disinfecting device.last_img

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