New Law on the provision of services in tourism at a public hearing


first_imgThe tourism ministry launched a third public hearing, after Rulebook on classification and categorization of objects which would enable the so-called Robinson accommodation in family farms and households and Law on Residence Taxes, initiated a public debate on the new Law on the Provision of Services in Tourism.According to the Ministry of Tourism, with the aim of further simplifying and equalizing the conditions for the provision of services in tourism, the Ministry of Tourism has prepared a draft proposal for the Law on the provision of services in tourism, which was put up for public discussion today. The main changes relate to the harmonization of the Act with Directive (EU) 2015/2302 and the provision of tourist guide services and business in agencies, and opinions, suggestions and comments from the public will be collected through the e-Consulting portal until July 26, 2017.The most comprehensive changes relate to the harmonization of laws with Directive (EU) 2015/2302, which is the obligation of all members of the European Union by 1 January 2018. In particular, extensive changes are proposed in the consumer protection segment, especially in the code online business, in a way that creates the need for greater transparency and legal certainty for travelers and traders. Thus, for example, the Draft Proposal of the Act details the mandatory content of the Package Travel Agreement and provides passengers with special protection in the event of insolvency of the travel organizer. “By amending the law, we want to harmonize the provision of services in tourism, but also make business even more efficient, transparent and simple, and at the same time enable greater professionalism and raising the quality of service provision. In addition, these changes will contribute to increasing the diversity and development of the tourist offer and enable more effective suppression of the gray economy, better consumer protection, higher employment and creating conditions for access to favorable financing of projects involving the provision of some legally covered tourist services. further strengthen the overall competitiveness of Croatian tourism” stressed Tourism Minister Gary Cappelli.Regarding the provision of tourist guide services, it is proposed to introduce changes in the concept of the professional exam. Namely, the professional exam is currently taken by counties, and consists of a general and a special part. These changes propose the laying of a general part for the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia and a special part for protected units (localities) by counties, which will provide domestic guides with much wider business opportunities. It also regulates the provision of tourist guide services to citizens of another Contracting State to the Treaty on the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation on a temporary or occasional basis, in such a way that it can provide tourist guide services in the Republic of Croatia, except in or in protected areas. , which equates the position of these tourist guides with Croatian tourist guides who have passed only the general part of the professional exam. Furthermore, it is proposed to authorize the Minister of Tourism to prescribe, with the prior opinion of the Minister responsible for culture and nature protection, a rulebook for a list of protected sites (localities) that would be narrower than the current list of tourist sites (localities) by counties, which would not include public areas, city squares, forests, parks and the like. Currently, protected tourist units are prescribed very broadly by the Ordinance on the list of tourist units (localities), which acts by limiting the possibility of providing services for those guides who have passed only the general part of the exam.Regarding the business of travel agencies, the obligation of only one employed business manager is proposed for all premises in which he operates, and not for each branch as it is currently. Also, the new proposal additionally prescribes in more detail the forms of tourist offer that have so far been insufficiently regulated or not regulated at all by law in health, congress, nautical tourism, family farming, tourist services of active and adventure tourism, car rental services. (rent-a-car) and tourist diving services.The changes also refer to the reduction of misdemeanor penalties, ie prescribing the possibility for service providers to eliminate irregularities and deficiencies identified in inspections without punishment, but also to the reduction of administrative obstacles in business.In the middle of the tourist season, three laws are changed through a public debate Get involved in the public debate, now is the opportunity, it will be too late later. Changes to the Law as well as reduction and simplification of all other administrative barriers are certainly necessary, but changing the Laws and opening public hearings / counseling during the tourist season when all tourist workers are busy with guests is certainly not good because they cannot participate and prepare quality reasoned advice and suggestions.Get involved in the public debate hereRelated news:THE MINISTRY OF TOURISM PROPOSES THE PROVISION OF ROBINSON ACCOMMODATION SERVICES ON FAMILIES AND HOUSEHOLDSTHE LAW ON RESIDENCE TAXES IS CHANGED. GET INVOLVED IN THE PUBLIC DEBATE!last_img

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