The Ministry of Tourism allocated HRK 400 to vocational schools for tourism projects


first_imgWith the aim of promoting and strengthening the competencies of vocational occupations, the Ministry of Tourism in 2018 awarded secondary vocational and art schools 400 thousand kuna in grants for 12 projects.Grants are awarded to projects that promote a new tourism product based on connecting public, civil, private sector and science (development), positive effects in environmental protection, introduction of new technologies and inclusion of strategically defined special forms of tourism (nautical, health, cultural, business, cycling tourism, eno and gastro, etc.).The public call for applications was open from 30 January to 28 February this year, and the maximum amount of requested and approved funds was 20 thousand kuna for the project of one applicant, ie one school or 40 thousand kuna for the project of one applicant in collaboration with one or more partners, i.e. schools. This is a tender for which the Ministry of Tourism has allocated a total of HRK 3.568.766 in the past nine years, thus supporting the development of new, creative projects that have become competitive on the market.”Adapting the domestic education system to the needs and requirements of the increasingly dynamic tourism market is one of the goals of this Government. Through this program we want to motivate young people to work in tourism, encourage the adoption of new knowledge and skills and develop an entrepreneurial spirit. We want to raise awareness of tourism as a horizontal activity, or emphasize the importance of connecting tourism with other industries. As a long-term solution to encourage lifelong learning and human resources in tourism, we are working on the implementation of regional competence centers funded by EU funds. Through these centers, we will provide quality staff who would be ready to be actively involved in work and management processes after the completion of the educational process, which would enable higher employment and ensure the quality of the workforce for employers in tourism.. ” said Minister Cappelli on the occasion of the announcement of the decision on the selection of projects of secondary vocational and art schools.So they are, for example Daruvar School of Economics and Tourism this year they received a support of 40 thousand kuna for the design of the project “Roman Feast” in which they are supported by the Technical School Daruvar and the Music School Bruno Bjelinski Daruvar. The same amount was awarded and Tourist School of Catering Split and School of Fine Arts Split which this year joined forces in the creation of a project aimed at cycling tourism “With biking skill, down the Mosor hill”, Electrical and Traffic School from Osijek for the project “Guide me Osijek”, Technical School Požega and Craft School Požega for the project “15.000 paintings from the heart of Slavonia”, Hvar High School for the project “Hvar Story”See a list of all selected projects herelast_img

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