Croatia finally has a helicopter transport service in its tourist offer


first_imgWe often talk about luxury tourism, but many make the mistake of thinking that having a 5-star hotel in a luxury tourism destination is. Of course, top quality accommodation is taken for granted, but the whole destination as well as the offer of content must be at such a level that we can talk about luxury tourism. Just a 5 star hotel is not luxury tourism. It was through this prism that I kept asking the question: Can I rent a helicopter and, say, visit Dubrovnik from Split, or should someone from the airport take me by helicopter to the hotel. The answer has always been negative, even with amazement in the context of how it comes to my mind. This is one of the luxury offers, ie an option that our tourism must have if we want to develop a story about luxury tourism, of course in addition to luxury stores, content, accommodation, services, etc.… Like any target group, luxury tourism or guests of high paying power they have their needs and desires that we have to fulfill in order to attract them and justify their expectations. Today is finally the day that we can offer  helicopter transport service from the airport to any destination, as well as that hotels can offer this luxury service to their guests. Namely, the company Helitours from Slovenia, has enriched our tourist offer for luxury tourism with helicopter transport, and whose helicopters are currently positioned on the islands of Brač and Mali Lošinj, thus covering our entire coast, and even connecting the transport of people from / to Zagreb, which is certainly excellent news for our tourism. As Tom Mastnak from Helitours points out, they are currently starting with two Airbus Dauphins helicopters with which they offer a helicopter transport service, which are positioned on Brač and Lošinj and cover our entire coast, and even offer international flights to Montenegro, Slovenia, BiH and Italy. . “We offer two Airbus Dauphin helicopters that have two engines, which allows us to fly safely and stably over the sea and settlements, and which have a capacity of eight people. Range of 350 kilometers as the crow flies or 200 nautical miles, which is, for example, the distance from Zagreb to Hvar, and from Mali Lošinj we are in one hour in Venice. We have many years of experience in helicopter flying and we are currently the only helicopter operator with a European AOC certificate in this part of Europe with complex helicopters, so we compete at the very top of the offer in Europe.Mastnak points out.As I mentioned, the helicopters are strategically positioned on Lošinj and Brač, thus ensuring coverage of the entire coast. This is possible from transporting guests from the airport to any destination, even from Zagreb to the sea and vice versa, but there are many other options, such as renting a helicopter for panoramic flights and renting a helicopter for various tourist facilities or packages . Thus, a guest from Lošinj can visit Pula or Dubrovnik by helicopter or just go to a meeting in Zagreb and return immediately to the hotel. So, we are opening a new dimension and luxury offer to our guests. Helitours is currently cooperating with the Jadranka Group from Mali Lošinj and Sunčani Hvar, but as they have just started offering this service in Croatia and were more focused on obtaining all permits, they are just starting negotiations with hoteliers offering special cooperation packages. hoteliers in the luxury segment received an additional service that they missed so much, and we are certainly raising our luxury offer to a much higher level. “We offer hotels the possibility to have an additional helicopter transport service for their guests, how to pick them up at the airport or seaport, so that they organize additional tourist packages, and of course in that case defines a different price, ie hotels can increase earnings through the realized commission. The biggest interest is that guests can land and fly as close as possible to the hotel, and that’s exactly what they can, because I have a permit for extraordinary  landing with the consent of the landowner, and as hotel owners land helicopter can theoretically land 100 meters from the hotel, this is the smallest problem. Says Mastnak.As Mastnak points out, they started slowly because they want people to meet them, see that they are a serious and quality partner, and in the long run it is in their interest to connect our entire coast as well and efficiently as possible. They even offer the option of medical flights, in case of emergency medical transport, which is extremely important for the islands because it gives an additional sense of security to guests, which directly gives added value to the whole destination,  hoteliers and accommodation providers. Of course safety comes first, and in addition to helicopters having all the certificates and permits, Helitours boasts years of experience. As Mastnak points out, the owner of the company is a passionate fan of helicopters, who is also a pilot, and the whole story started back in 2006, when the company was founded.” We first started with a maintenance service as well as a flying school, later we expanded the offer to panoramic flights, and two years ago, in 2016, we bought the above-mentioned two Dauphin helicopters, which are now available on the Adriatic coast. By purchasing a two-engine helicopter from a non-complex organization, we have become complex and we have strengthened all safety standards, obtained all certificates and become a serious company that competes throughout Europe at the highest level. Our pilots are all former military or police pilots who have over 4.000 flight hours, the instructors have the highest level of education, and the maintenance service is made up of people with 30 to 40 years of experience. ” Mastnak pointed out and concluded that they are looking at the long term and are open to cooperation with hoteliers and destinations, in order to enrich the tourist offer of Croatia together. This is great news for our tourism, and especially hoteliers with 4+ and 5 stars as well as destinations that are trying to position themselves through luxury tourism, such as Dubrovnik, Hvar, Mali Losinj, Rovinj and others. Our amazing indented coastline with a thousand islands is a paradise for boaters, who will service  Helicopter rental is certainly accepted with enthusiasm, as are all other guests in the premium segment. This is exactly one important link that our tourism lacked. Offer in the luxury segment that is common or standard in other destinations that are focused on this type of guests, and without which we can not seriously develop luxury tourism. After a great start to the ECA and connecting our coast and islands with seaplanes, which unfortunately ended ingloriously and badly,  this is a new opportunity to raise the supply scale to a higher level. The helicopter rental service is available in Croatia, and now it is mostly at hoteliers of higher categories as well as at destinations to arrange cooperation and offer their guests a new experience.last_img

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