Family Fun


first_imgWe recently attended a Cincinnati Reds Baseball Game. It is not unusual for two tickets to run more than $100. I know that the Reds have ticket plans that give discounts to families on certain days or for certain games. For example, Monday nights are usually cheaper than any weekend game, but still for a family of four to attend a game it becomes an expensive outing. Most families have to pick and choose when, how often, or if at all they can attend this kind of sporting event. I know that most high school games are more in the $5-$7 range, so that same family of four can go for less than one ticket to the Reds can cost. Having said this, baseball is still the most fan-friendly of pro sports. Most football and basketball seats at pro contests are now running more in the $100 range for quality seats. If you are unfortunate enough to live in New York, $100 probably won’t even pay for your parking. Some of their prime seats run over $1000. The Reds park is so fan friendly that even if the costs are high, the experience is worth the cost at least once a season. The play area and fan zone outside the seating area is worth the price. Kroger has a meal deal that also saves money. Take the opportunity to see a game soon.last_img

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