Allen Iverson weighs in on LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan, shares timeless story


first_imgAnd he just looks at me — looks over my fit for a second — and he smiles. Nods. And then he goes right on back to puffing that cigar.ARE YOU SERIOUS!! Man, I think I’m a cool guy. I’m alright. But Mike is the only person I ever — I mean ever — met who can be so effortless in his cool that he leaves this … GLOW.You can read the full piece here. Allen Iverson will always be in the conversation as one of the most entertaining players ever to wear an NBA uniform, but like everyone else not named LeBron James or Michael Jordan, he’s relegated to only an opinion on who is the greatest player of all time.In a piece simply titled “Allen,” Iverson chimed in on the debate on The Players’ Tribune. “I have to weigh in on this GOAT conversation. I have to. I’m hearing a lot of people these days fronting like they have LeBron over Mike,” Iverson wrote. “But y’all. We’re talking about Mike. … We’re talking about Black Jesus himself.”If that quote there isn’t enough to tell you how Iverson feels, he continued: “Mike is the GOAT … Mike is always going to be the GOAT. And please don’t even insult me with any of this ‘stats, AI!’ business, like you have a chance of changing my mind.”Iverson — an 11-time All-Star and member of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, I remind you — then went on to tell his favorite Jordan story. Long story short, we’re all fanboys when it comes to Jordan.Here’s an excerpt:So it’s 2003, and we’re all in The A for his last All-Star Game. And you know I’m Reebok for life … but occasions are occasions. And I’m wanting to pay my tribute to the man. Pay homage. So I find one of those classic MJ throwbacks, then bring it home and cut out the little swoosh on it, and then I rock it — plus a Bulls fitted — on my way into the arena for All Star. And I’m proud as hell. So now I just have to find Mike. …Finally I make my way to the coaches’ office. Figure they’d have to know where the man is. Open the door …But there’s no coaches in there. It’s just Mike.It’s just Mike, and man….. you wouldn’t even believe this. You wouldn’t even believe what I’m seeing. It’s Mike, and he’s got his uniform on …and he’s in one of those reclining desk chairs, leaning back in that thing like he doesn’t have a CARE in the WORLD. In the world. Got his feet kicked up like he’s on some beach! And then to top it all off?? He’s smoking one of those big-ass Mike cigars.last_img

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