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first_imgAUBREY BRUCEtr.v. ma•ligned, ma•lign•ing, ma•ligns  “To make evil, harmful, and often untrue statements about; speak evil of. adj.1. Evil in disposition, nature, or intent. 2. Evil in influence; injurious. 3. Having or showing malice or ill will; malevolent.”  There are many ways to slay the will and hopes of those who are just trying to do the right thing. Take the case of the Pirates super utility man Josh Harrison. Some writers cannot even pen an article about one of his Pirates teammates without a slight jab at him.Jerry Crasnick  an MLB Sr. writer recently penned an article about Pirates catcher Russell Martin.  In an excerpt from the article that Crasnik wrote he said that; “the Pirates have relied on some exceptional performances in their push for a second straight playoff berth. Franchise pillar Andrew McCutchen and everyman Josh Harrison — a maligned All-Star who has taken his game to a higher level since the break, but no player on the roster has a bigger stealth impact than Martin, who, at age 31, is enjoying one of his best career seasons.”Throughout the entire piece in my opinion, the only direct negative was about Josh Harrison. Harrison has been forced to scrap, fight and fume just to get on the field to excel.  “Josh Harrison — a maligned All-Star who has taken his game to a higher level since the [All Star] break.”This is my second article about Josh Harrison because there are those fans and writers  that continue to believe that Josh Harrison did not deserve to be named to the All Star game over Pirates hometown hero second baseman Neil Walker by the Mike Matheny manager of the St. Louis Cardinals who managed the 2014 NL All-Star squad.One of the fans that did not quite agree with Harrison’s selection was blogger NapoleonBlownapart87. A couple of months ago he wrote this. “Be careful talking about how well he’s been playing defensively. His versatility has value, but also understand that a lot of those diving plays he makes in the outfield are a result of not taking good routes and not getting good jumps on the ball. The diving catch he made in right on Monday was great…. until you remember that Polanco and most everyday RFs get under that ball and make a simple on the run catch. I’m no JHaytheist – I’m glad he’s there. With that being said, if McGee or Upton, or a host of other guys would have made it instead, I’d be totally fine with it. Just want to make sure we’re looking at context.”If NapoleonBlownapart87 was such an authority on the game and truly believed in his analysis, then why doesn’t he use his real name so he can be held responsible for the BS that he spews forth? If 87 indicates “Blownaparts” birth year (1987) that would make him out to be around twenty seven years of age. If that is truly the case then there are many fans and writers out here that have probably forgotten more about MLB than Mr. “Blownafart00” will ever know.I define these knuckleheads as computer geeks/cowards or in bloggers terms, “internet imbeciles” who envision themselves as “fantasy” owners that direct “imaginary” GM’s of “fantasy” teams that never quite allow them to exit, “la, la land.”  How does “Napoleon”  know the correct route to take to get to the ball without diving or sliding?There is lighting, field conditions and a host of other factors that may determine an outfielders approach on a particular play.Does he, (Blownafart) use a slide rule or a calculator to work out mathematical equations figuring out MLB outfield play and all of its components?  I think not.   He may not be a “serial” killer but here is a distinct possibility that he may be a “serial” hater and even a bit more!I also think that his grand finale bears repeating. NapoleonBlownapart87 finished by saying. “Just want to make sure we’re looking at context.” It seems that “Blownapart” (how clever) wanted to make sure that anyone reading his garbage would view Josh Harrison and his skill set in the wrong context.”Oh I’m sorry, since Mr. “Blownapart” is French,  I must consult my English-French dictionary in order to communicate with him. “Il dit des sottises.” In other words, what you say Mr. Blownapart is “rubbish.”  Before sports was sucked in to the black hole of the “bloggosphere” the internet was commonly referred to as the “information superhighway.” It is now a fact that these pseudo-intellectuals are using computers as missiles using various websites as anonymous launching pads, to project their “non” sense of  reality.Those of us who are charged to honor, write and print the truth are fast becoming a dying breed; not that there were that many in the first place.When it comes to his value, Josh Harrison must always remember what the great Toni Morrison once said, “definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.”Whether we write about, talk about sports, politics. entertainment or any other subject, we must understand the privilege and the process of truth and fairness.If we don’t we should always have to face the consequences.Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: [email protected] or  412.583.6741 Follow him on Twitter @ultrascribelast_img

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