‘Concerned’ UP Partisans Speak of Party’s Bleak Future


first_imgA group of ‘concerned’ Unity Party (UP) partisans, mainly from Lofa County, have observed that the Party is leading to a bleak future where they could lose future elections. According to them, they are cognizant of the political reality that the strength of any political party is primarily determined on the successive winnings of political sets at the legislature. In a statement issued yesterday, the Concerned Partisans said victory over any opposition is guaranteed on the basis of the popularity of the candidate featured by the party. “Popularity with the people is determined on the individual’s quality that has meaningful impact on the constituents. This makes it important for constituents to freely evaluate and select aspirants to be considered candidates for the party without any influence of party hierarchies,” the statement said. They believe that allowing a democratic political franchise to prevail in the selection process of a political candidate can increase the probability of the political party winning in any election.Regrettably, they said, “we have observed with dismay the involvement of our party hierarchies that influenced the selection process of our party candidates that were not the choice of the people.” According to the statement, “this is evidence of our defeat, for example in District #1 in Lofa County where the party was defeated twice in sequence in 2005 and 2011, and also during the 2014 Senatorial Elections.” The statement added, “This was predominantly based on the undemocratic party hierarchies’ involvement into selecting candidates based on mere connections and sympathy.” “We are again treading on the same path that may lead the party to a defeat in this by-election, as it remains glaring the litmus test for 2017 Presidential Elections,” the statement noted. One of those who signed the statement was Major T. Samukai, Jr. of Foya District. He said recently, the random sampling conducted by some party executives in selecting candidates for District #2 pending by-elections does not represent any contemporary democratic process. “We observed that this process was staged managed by few partisans and this is unacceptable because it has the propensity of creating chaos that will bring the party to public ridicule,” Mr. Samukai said.“As concerned partisans from Lofa County, it does not encourage us to select someone based on sympathy; it equally does not give us the confidence to select someone who openly left the party in 2011 and has claimed a remarriage that is marred by heated argument or controversy. Such individual with inconsistent political decision should not be encouraged to contest on the party’s ticket until properly accessed to guarantee his level of loyalty to the party.“As conscious partisans, we must open our political eyes to see and independently select a candidate not based on sympathy and or empathy, but on the candidate’s popularity that has impacted on the constituents to enable the party to have nothing less than a win in this by-election,” he said. In this light, he continued, “we wish to publicly recommend to the party stewards to quickly nullify the sampling method that was conducted in the name of primary, because it is completely undemocratic, unacceptable and does not represent the norms and values on which our noble political party is founded.” The party stewards should therefore use their political wisdom to quickly select a candidate based on the person’s loyalty and contribution to the party; he said “the person’s popularity and impact on the lives of the constituents within the constituency among other things.”Finally, he said, if the party wants victory in the by-election, the popularity and influence of aspirants should be assessed well, and the above recommendations should seriously be taken into consideration to save the Party from political disgrace.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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