Wakapao woman dies after suspected poisoning


first_img– family members being treated at GPHCA resident of Wakapao, Pomeroon, Essequibo is dead and four of her family members are patients at the Georgetown Public Hospital following their suspected poisoning.Dead: Selena ThomasDead is Selena Thomas, 38, of Wakapao, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam). She reportedly died at approximately midday on Monday while receiving medical attention at the facility.Her father is in critical condition, while her husband, father-in-law, and her brother are reportedly in stable condition.A relative of the family who wished to remain anonymous told Guyana Times on Monday that the family fell ill on Friday after consuming boiled cassava which they reaped from their farm.She explained that soon after eating the cassava, they complained of stomach pain.“They were fine. But they ate cassava which they get from their farm. They prepared it as a meal and then they started to vomit and they were getting bad pains to their stomach. It was the only thing all of them eat the morning,” the distraught woman related.The relative added that they reportedly fed the same food to two of their dogs – both of which later died. It is at this point, they suspected that their farm may have been poisoned.“Like someone poison the farm. We don’t know why or who, but they suspect someone throw something in the farm,” the relative contended.She related that Thomas and her husband both visited the health centre at Wakapao on Friday for treatment; however, they were referred to the Suddie Hospital, but owing to the severity of their condition, they, along with other members of the household, were transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital.“They sent them Georgetown, because they couldn’t deal with the situation. It was very serious and Georgetown is better equipped. it’s a very sad situation because it’s not like they eat out. It was produce from their own farm. It’s like we still trying to come to grips with what happened,” she said.Meanwhile, a nurse at the medical facility confirmed that the family is being monitored for food poisoning and noted that at least one member is in a very critical state.The nurse added that doctors suspected that the food which they consumed was contaminated.“So, the doctors believe that whatever they ate was contaminated with some poisonous substance. What or how, we don’t know, but their symptoms are suggesting this, but they are being treated and doctors are doing their best with them,” the health personnel told this publication.An investigation has since been launched into the incident as officials were deployed to the community.last_img

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