FSJ For LNG Meets The Prominent Figures Of Ottawa


first_img“What became clear is that the 3 months promised decision time table will include cabinet decision to start after Petronas submits the necessary clarification on salmon preservation mitigation plan.”After meeting with McKenna’s policy advisors, McKenna herself joined the meeting near the end.Next was Rona Ambrose, the interim leader for the Conservatives. Her party is for LNG, but FSJ for LNG requested the climate change discussion be taken worldwide.“We requested that the climate change discussion in the federal level take into consideration the entire globe and not just discuss greenhouse gases in Canadian context.”Advertisement Pat Pimm briefed Rona Ambrose’s policy advisors on the consequences of progressively increasing carbon tax rate.Yu also shared the experiences of meeting with other political parties.“We also met with MP John Barlow of the riding of Macleod in Alberta. John is Pro HydroCarbon and promises to support FSJ for LNG. John, together with the policy advisors of Rona Ambrose will extend the official LNG or Bust ride to the east in Halifax Novia Scotia where an LNG plant is also being planned. The LNG or BUST ride will now span the entire west to east provinces. Montreal Quebec media was as far east as we could get during our media campaign.”The group also got to experience Parliamentary Question Period where MP Bob Zimmer delivered the groups message to the House of Commons and acknowledged the group for being there.The group has one more final meeting today with the Minister of Natural Resources.Advertisement Photo Courtesy: Alan YuPhoto Courtesy: Alan YuFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – FSJ for LNG spent time in Ottawa with the big players in the political world.Alan Yu and his group met with Brian Kaufmann, a Policy and Regional Affairs advisor at Ministry of Indigenous and Northern Affairs. The current FSJ job market was discussed.- Advertisement -But then came the even more important players to the party.Alan and the group met with Catherine McKenna’s policy advisors. A range of topics was discussed, but one of the main topics, was salmon.Alan says this becoming clearer.Advertisementlast_img

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