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first_imgAt PremiumBeat, we’re always looking for new ways to make your music discovery and editing process super-fast and super-efficient. That’s why we’ve launched a whole range of exciting features — each designed to help take your video projects to the next level.So on top of getting exceptional music for your project (with some of the most flexible licenses on the market), at PremiumBeat, you can now customize your soundtrack with stems, edit to the beat with waveforms, and much more. Keep reading for our latest exciting updates.Customize Your Work with StemsWhen you purchase a full PremiumBeat track, you now get stems by default when available. With stems, each instrument in a track has been separated into individual files. This gives you greater creative control over your soundtrack by letting you enhance, edit, or even remove certain instruments.Stems are an incredibly useful way to match music with your story’s needs. Is a trumpet line pulling attention away from what’s on-screen? Use stems to dial it down a notch. Need to give a scene a little more of an emotional punch? Easily bring the string section to the fore.Stems files are an addition to the already impressive list of extras that come along with every PremiumBeat license including short clips and loops.Find That Perfect Track Fast with Audio WaveformsWhenever you play music on our website or mobile app, you’ll now see a visual representation of every track’s highs and lows. These helpful audio waveforms let you quickly scan a song, giving you insight into whether or not it’ll be a good fit for your work.Do you need a track that slowly builds towards a grand conclusion? One that alternates between calm and exciting moments? With waveforms, you can find the right sound for your project without listening to every potential track from beginning to end.Plus, waveforms can help speed up your editing process by allowing you to easily sync music to your every cut.Supercharged SearchWith our recent search upgrades, finding your perfect royalty-free track is now easier and faster than ever. For starters, earlier this year we launched PremiumBeat in 21 of the world’s most commonly used languages. That means that you can search for music quickly and conveniently in the language of your choice.But that’s not all — we’ve also recently launched a location-based search upgrade, meaning that no matter where you are in the world, you’ll get only the best, most relevant search results.A Global Music SelectionBecause we have customers all over the world, we want to provide music that’s relevant to you, no matter where you are. It’s why, this year, we’ve been working with artists in multiple countries to bring you a huge variety of authentic, region-specific tracks.From Korean to Russian to Italian language vocals and beyond, we’ve got an incredible selection of international-flavored tracks to enhance your work. Browse our Vocals genre, where you can use the advanced filters to narrow your results by region or style.We’ve also recorded original and classical works with top orchestras around the world. That way you can get cinema-quality music with 100 percent live instrumentation.Super-Flexible Unlimited-Use LicensesTo continue bringing you exceptional music and industry-leading new extras like the ones above, we’ve made a change to our licensing structure. Standard Licenses give you unlimited use of a track within your project. Plus, as well as loops and short clips, our tracks now include stems (when available).Find out more about what you get with a Standard License, then dive into our royalty-free music library and start building your project’s perfect soundtrack.last_img

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