Two Hamilton building owners fined for fire code violations


Two building owners in Hamilton have been fined after pleading guilty to violating the Ontario Fire Code and the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.The owner of a three-storey, six unit residential building at 254 Dundurn St. South was ordered to pay $5,000 on Monday for failing to check, inspect and test the building’s interconnected smoke alarm system and make any corrections of deficiencies as required.On Tuesday, the owner of a two-storey, two unit house at 124 Second Rd. East. was convicted of failing to provide a number of life safety measures including fire separations within a structure. The owner was fined $800 for the offences. The house was sold back in May as a single family home. “Building owners must take responsibility to ensure their buildings are in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code and the Fire Protection & Prevention Act. Failure to do so will result in prosecution,” said Chief Fire Prevention Officer Robert Simpson.Anyone who may have concerns regarding fire safety is encouraged to contact the Fire Prevention Division of the Hamilton Fire Department at 905 546-2424, ext. 1380.

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