Security Councils report to General Assembly shows accelerated antiterrorism work


In its annual report to the General Assembly, the Security Council reviews a year of intensive work marked by stepped-up efforts to counter the global terrorist threat. The report, adopted by the Council today, calls the past year one of the busiest in the 15-member body’s history. The adoption of resolution 1373 in the wake of the 11 September 2001 attacks against the United States mandated the creation of the Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee, which has vastly increased the volume of work. At the same time, the Council continued its priority attention to key hotspots across the globe.Briefing the Council on the report, Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Tuliameni Kalomoh said the text, prepared in a revised format agreed on by the Council, was especially useful for its analytical introduction. In the discussion that followed, several delegates welcomed the new format while offering new suggestions for further improving the report. Others commented on the packed work schedule of the past year, and noted that the Council had demonstrated greater openness during that period. A number of representatives hailed the report for its transparency, stressing the importance of providing clear information on the Council’s work, and called for continued enhancements in this area.

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