Barca beat Atletico once again – Battle for EHF CL


11Villa de Aranda Autocares Bayo20 2At. de Madrid47 There is no doubt who is the best team of ASOBAL. F.C Barcelona Intersport had another great night against B.M Atletico Madrid 35:26 who obviosly finished season after winning Copa Del Rey two weeks ago.35 – Barcelona (17+18): Saric (Sterbik, m.31 a 60); Víctor Tomàs (2), Gurbindo (3), Jernemyr (-), Raúl Entrerríos (6), Stranovsky (4, 2p.), Noddesbo (4), Sorhaindo (2), Sarmiento (4), Montoro (1), Aguirrezabalaga (2), Rocas (5, 1p.), Morros (1), Ariño (-) y Balaguer (1).26 – Atlético (11+15): Dahl (Hombrados, m.20 a 60); Masachs (2, 1p.), Angel Romero (-), Lazarov (7, 1p), Balic (-), Jurkiewicz (4), Miguel Sánchez (2, 1p.), Edu Fernández (2), Álvaro Ferrer (1), Davis (4), Joan Canellas (4) y Gojun (-).Two rounds before the end, the biggest question despite relegation battle is the third team who will play at VELUX EHF Champions League next season. 1FC Barcelona Intersport56 5BM. Aragón36 4Naturhouse La Rioja38 13Quabit BM Guadalajara18 ASOBALEHF CLF.C Barcelona Intersport 14BM. Cangas17 6Helvetia Anaitasuna30 7Fraikin BM Granollers29 9Globalcaja C. Encantada25 10Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto21 3Reale Ademar León38 15Academia Octavio17 12Cuatro Rayas Valladolid20 8BM. Huesca26 16ARS Palma del Río10 ← Previous Story WISLA TV: Play-Off Final is coming Next Story → Danish Play Off Final: KIF Kolding VS Aalborg for the trophy!

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