The Witcher 3 dev studio wont be able to play its own


first_imgAs you may have heard by now, Microsoft’s E3 could have gone better, and its policies for the Xbox One could be significantly improved. Though the Xbox One will be releasing in 21 territories at launch, certain territories — like Poland — won’t be one of them.During the E3 conference, amidst the avalanche of space marines and regular marines, Microsoft featured The Witcher 3, the upcoming sequel to one of the PC gaming audience’s most touted, hardcore series. Microsoft clearly felt the game was an important part of the next Xbox, but funnily enough, the developer of the game, CD Projekt Red, wouldn’t be able to play its own game if it were just a normal consumer, thanks to one of Microsoft’s many head-scratching new policies.We know the Xbox One will be region-locked. We also know that certain areas of the world won’t be getting it at launch. Furthermore, you cannot distribute or activate (via the new online activation policy) a game in certain territories at launch. This list from an official Xbox One FAQ shows that Poland is absent from the Xbox Live supported countries. If you can’t log into Xbox Live, you can’t activate a game, which means you can’t play it.CD Projekt Red is a Polish developer, which means the team is from an area where the Xbox One will not release at launch. Thanks to the combination of region-locking, online activation, and limited availability, if CD Projekt even imported a console from another territory, the team wouldn’t be able to activate it online seeing as how — it seems — online functionality will be prohibited if doing so from a country not on the above list.So, unless there’s some kind of loophole (aside from being a developer with access to things), a development studio wouldn’t be able to play its own game on the console that featured that game at E3 as a major selling point. Good policy.last_img

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