Samsung decides printers need mobile docks and speakers


first_imgThe printer I purchased back in 2007 has mostly been gathering dust in a corner for the past few years. I use it occasionally to print or scan a document, but for the most part I just have no reason to print stuff out anymore.Everyone occasionally has a need for a printer, though, and Samsung has decided to try and make them much more useful devices. By useful I mean adding functionality you wouldn’t normally associate with a device that commits ink to paper.At the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin next week, Samsung will show off three concept printers named Wave, Indie, and One & One. None of them look like your typical printer, instead being designed with a much more organic styling so as to not look out of place in any room.The Wave is meant to have minimalist features coupled with that organic design, but the most surprising feature is a smartphone dock. This allows you to print out any documents stored on the device when docked. I have to assume you can also wirelessly hook this up to a PC for more standard printing duties, too.The Indie printer goes a step further by combining that smartphone dock with speakers. Yes, Samsung has realized it can one-up all the speaker docks out there by also making them print things. Another bonus of the Indie is it will charge your smartphone.Finally we have the One & One printer. It looks like a retro cassette player and has none of the docking or audio options of the Wave or Indie. Instead it offers users the choice of enhancing standard black print outs with one additional color. You can choose between cyan, magenta, or yellow, but it’s only one at a time.The One & One is a laser printer, but it’s unclear if the Wave and Indie are laser or inkjet units. Either way, if you want your printer to do more than just print, Samsung may have the answer next year if it decides to actually release any of these devices commercially.last_img

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