a2 Milk is smart milk for your dumb stomach


first_imgIn the beginning, there were cows and they made milk. It was pretty good. But then humans got involved and, unsurprisingly, we ruined everything. As we domesticated cows we inadvertently caused their milk to gain a new, mutant A1 protein alongside the original A2 protein. And because the universe loves irony, it turns out A1 may be the source of all your milk problems. At least, that’s what the folks at A2 Milk are saying. Fortunately, the company’s namesake product is the smart milk you need for your dumb stomach.A2 Milk recently swung by the Geek.com office to pitch us on this dairy dream. The company was founded by New Zealand doctor Corran McLachlan who made the connection between pure A2 cows and milk that caused less discomfort. The theory goes that many people who think they are lactose intolerant but haven’t been diagnosed are actually experiencing negative reactions (stomach aches, IBS, skin reactions) to the A1 protein.So A2 Milk’s farms have nothing but A2 cows. This way customers have access to a consistent source of more digestible milk. Plus, farms are encouraged to treat the special cows more humanely since the entire business rests on the continued existence of this particular milk. The dairy industry as a whole is shifting in this direction, but the transition has been bumpy. It’s like moving from USB 3.0 to USB-C, but with milk, and A2 Milk is Apple.Because A2 Milk is still milk with all the same nutrients and not some substitute like drought-causing almond milk or techno-nightmare Soylent, you can use it how you’d use regular milk: Whole or skim, as yogurt or ice cream, even in baby formula or soft cheeses. Apparently, hard cheeses are tough because of some tricky bacterial science. A2 is currently pursuing more tests to determine any other concrete health benefits of the product. We’re also not sure if it lasts any longer than regular milk.Fun fact, I actually hate milk. Not because I can’t drink it, but because I think it tastes gross and have made peace with my brittle bones. So A2 milk isn’t for me. It also isn’t for anyone who is medically diagnosed as lactose intolerant. Even without the A1 protein, the lactose will cause a bad reaction. However, we did give an A2 Milk sample to a coworker who isn’t lactose intolerant but takes Lactaid to deal with dairy dilemmas. Good news! She wasn’t violently ill! Plus, it apparently tastes like milk!If any of that sounds intriguing to you A2 Milk’s website lets you find retailers in your area along with recipes and testimonials. So milk A2 for all it’s worth.last_img

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