Design a Fidget Spinner in Just 5 Minutes Using Fusion 360


first_img You’ve seen them around, heard about them in the news, may have played with them, you might even have one in your pocket right now. That’s right; I’m talking about fidget spinners. Originally developed as a learning aid for students with ADD, autism, and other learning difficulties, they help curb excessive energy and improve focus. They’ve also become an extremely popular toy for anyone who needs to relieve stress or just want to have fun.Now, you can design your own fidget spinners in Fusion 360 with the help of Desktop Makes. While they offer Fusion 360 tutorials for $20 a pop, they also have some free tutorials, including one on making a basic fidget spinner. Autodesk Fusion 360 is powerful, easy-to-learn CAD program. It’s free for students and educators, $40/month or $300/year for everyone else.The Desktop Makes classes are taught by Vladimir Mariano and are very easy to follow. The fidget spinner design starts with creating a central hole for a skate bearing in sketch mode, which is at the heart of every fidget spinner. Next, he shows you to create the holes for the hex nut counterweights at the end of the spinner arms. While fidget spinners commonly have three arms, you can make as many even spaced arms as you wish by using the circular pattern tool.AdChoices广告Once the fidget spinner is fully laid out in sketch mode, you simply need to extrude it to the proper thickness and add bevels to the entire model. You can 3D print the fidget spinner in the material of your choice; PLA should work fine. I recommend printing at 200 microns, as detail is not as important as strength. As more weight usually translates to longer spins, a high infill setting should help with that.After printing just adds the hex nut counterweights and centered skate bearing. The skate bearing is press fit; a vice may be necessary to squeeze the hex nuts into place. That’s it. It’s an easy build and lots of fun to play with. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get making and start spinning!Below is the fidget spinner tutorial: Prepare To Be Amazed By This Tiny Working Lego PianoPlug a Floppy Drive in to Your Android Phone For a Retro Storage Boost Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img Stay on targetlast_img

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