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he inquired about the progress of work, Assistant Secretary of Belur MathSwami Subiranandatold mediapersons in a press conference Mukherjeehoweverdid not speak to the mediapersons gathered at the temple premises during his visit For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Lifestyle Desk | Kolkata | Updated: January 14 2017 2:25 pm People prepare a sweetened dish using rice jaggery and lentils as a part of the customary celebrations this day Top News Pongal is one of the most significant Hindu festivals that are celebrated with full fanfare in South India especially in Tamil Nadu This four-day festival is celebrated in the month of Thai which is when crops are harvested and people show their gratitude for the bountiful Also known as Thai Pongal this year the festival falls on January 14 Read |Pongal 2017 Wishes: Best Pongal SMS WhatsApp Facebookmessages Like every festivity Pongal is incomplete without food People prepare a sweetened dish using rice jaggery and lentils as a part of the customary celebrations this day Here are three unique varieties that you can try this year Rice and jaggery are an integral part of the Pongal festival Sweet Pongal by Chef Rana Dominic Gomes Executive Chef Hotel Royal Orchid Ingredients 1/2 cup – Rice 1/2 cup – Moong dal 1/2 cup – Jaggery 2 and 1/2 cup – Water 3 tbsp – Ghee A pinch — Salt 5 or 6 – Cashew nuts 2 tbsp – Raisins 1 – Cardamom 1 – Clove A pinch – Edible camphor Milk to moisten (optional) See |Pongal 2017: 10 Beautiful Kolam Designs To Make This Harvestfestival Methods * If using a pressure cooker/ pan add 1/4 tsp ghee and roast the moong dal * Add water washed rice and salt Cook the rice and wait for 4 whistles Mash it once done (Or just boil Rice and Moong dal increase the quantity of water to 1 more cup) * Grate the jaggery and heat it with water just enough to immerse it and bring it to boil Let the jaggery completely dissolve Strain for any impurities in it and add it to the mashed rice * In a separate pan heat a tsp of ghee and roast cashews till they are golden brown in colour and then add raisins to it Once it fluffs up transfer it and keep it aside In the same pan add cloves cardamom and switch off the stove * Give a quick stir Take out cardamom and crush it Add the powdered cardamom edible camphor cloves along with nutmeg powder to the Pongal (rice mixture) * Mix well and cook on medium flame for 5 mins Add 1/4 cup water or milk if it gets dry while cooking Add ghee little by little while cooking Finally add the fried cashews and raisins and serve Read |Pongal 2017: Tamil Harvest Festivals Customs Traditions Significance andDates Apart from sweet variant try this salty option with lentils too Ven Pongal by Chef Vivek Kumar – Oxford Golf Resort Pune Ingredients 120g – Short Grain Rice (high starch) 100g – Moong Dal 400ml – Water 10 – Salt 1 tsp – Ginger (grated) 2 tbsp – Ghee A pinch – Asafetida (Hing) 1 tsp – Cumin seeds 8 or 9 – Curry leaves 2 – Green chillies (Slit) 1 tsp – Grounded Black Pepper Method * Wash the rice and dry roast the moong dal in a pressure cooker until it is slightly fragrant * Add the rice and 4 cups of water ginger and salt in the pressure cooker and cook it till it’s done * Once cool open the pressure cooker and slightly mash the pongal so that it’s mushy (Here you might need more water to make it runny) * Heat ghee in a pan Once the ghee is hot add cumin seeds hing curry leaves green chillies and peppercorns and let them crackle for a few a seconds Pour the spices over the pongal * Mix before serving and simmer for a minute Serve hot The millet option is a healthy twist to your regular Pongal recipes Millet Sweet Pongal by Monkey Box Bengaluru Ingredients 500g – Millet (bajra) 100g – Rice 40g – Cashew nut 400g – Jaggery 500ml – Milk 15g – Elaichi 150g – Coconut 3 tsp – Ghee Method * Add millet toboiling waterand let it cook for 20 mins * Add rice and milk together and bring it to a boil Now add the jaggery * Cook for at least 30 mins stirring constantly * In a separate pan heat ghee and sauté the raisins and cashew nuts * Add grated coconut roasted raisins and cashews in the mixture and serve hot For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Tavleen Singh | Updated: May 31 2015 12:06 am The Congress party has decades of experience in political manipulation and so they have manipulated the Prime Minister Narendra Modi into following their agenda Related News Is the Prime Minister in danger of being misguided by a petulant dethroned prince I ask the question because of something very worrying that he said in his interview to the Press Trust of India Asked what he would say to the opposition charge that he was “pro-corporate” and the charge from big business that nothing had changed to make India more business friendly this is what the Prime Minister said: “If opponents are accusing us of being pro-corporate but the corporates are saying we are not doing enough for them then I take it that our decisions and initiatives are pro-people and in the long-term interests of the nation” Bad answer Prime Minister very very bad answer It is ‘pro-people’ to strengthen the hands of Indian corporations because they create wealth and jobs They have been demonised by Nehruvian socialists because Jawaharlal Nehru hated the word profit and believed that it was the State that had the sole right to create wealth and jobs So was created a punitive licence raj and officials were given the task of creating wealth and jobs through public sector companies that mostly served to drain India’s resources It is only when they proved incapable of creating wealth and jobs and instead created a vast infrastructure of corruption and nepotism that a Congress PM was forced to end the licence raj He ended up demonised by his party In the past few years every effort was made to bring back the licence raj in different ways and so we went back to cronyism and corruption This is what India’s voters voted against During the election campaign Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal made speech after speech accusing Narendra Modi of working for ‘Ambani-Adani’ and they ended up being totally rejected by the electorate The man who was finance minister in Sonia Gandhi’s government and whose column sits next to mine on this page himself admitted that an “aspirational” new generation of Indian voters had come into being and they wanted jobs and cars and homes They were no longer satisfied with the handouts that became the leitmotif of Rahul’s mummy’s economic policies Her former economic advisors routinely write articles (including in this newspaper) whining about how the “rights-based” economic policies they created are being dismantled The truth is that they have not been dismantled fast enough If the hundreds of thousands of crores wasted on MNREGA had been spent on rural roads hospitals schools and other assets India would today have looked like a halfway developed country Instead we have poured money into giving people a hundred days of work a year that will serve to ‘alleviate’ poverty but not end it Another ‘right’ was that to education so instead of the government fulfilling its fundamental duty to give India’s children a decent education India’s children were given a ‘right’ they were mostly too poor to exercise These were stupid ideas made by economically illiterate do-gooders employed by an extra-constitutional prime minister The acknowledgment of this was the best answer the Prime Minister gave Asked what he had to say about Sonia Gandhi’s charge that his government was showing “obstinate arrogance” he said “Perhaps she is referring to the fact that earlier extra-constitutional authorities were the ones really wielding power whereas now power is wielded only by constitutional means” Soniaji’s clever little “inner voice” allowed her to rule India with a great deal of obstinate arrogance for a decade and allowed her to do this without any accountability Poor old Dr Manmohan Singh was blamed for everything bad that happened while the Gandhi family took full credit for what they thought were the sort of schemes that would make Rahul prime minister The Congress party has decades of experience in political manipulation and so they have manipulated the Prime Minister into following their agenda To speak of policies that are ‘pro-people’ is just stupidity If our labyrinthine systems of governance become simpler and less corrupt rich and poor Indians benefit and if it becomes easier to do business nobody benefits more than India’s poorest business people: street hawkers From my street people friends in Mumbai I have learned that since the BJP government took power the police violate their right to livelihood more than ever They have no choice but to earn a living through selling flowers corn and other such things on Marine Drive and every time the police catch them doing this they are arrested beaten up and their goods are confiscated and destroyed Now this is something that the Prime Minister needs to worry about instead of worrying about whether his policies are ‘pro-corporate’ or not He needs to remember that if it becomes easier to do business in India it will help jobless self-employed very poor people much more than rich businessmen like Ambani and Adani Follow Tavleen Singh on [email protected]_singh For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anil K Gupta | Updated: June 17 2014 8:42 am Three factors contributed to the Kedarnath disaster — the bursting of Chorabari lake due to an avalanche of snow unprecedented rains in the valley and the melting of surface snow and glacial debris Source: Pradeep Yadav Related News The Himalayas need special policy attention given their strategic importance and unique vulnerabilities The fifth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted increased global warming with a 15-20 degree rise in surface temperature by the end of the 21st century This will not only make coastal regions vulnerable to sea-level rise but also make the sensitive Himalayan ecosystem more vulnerable The increase in temperature will have a direct bearing on Himalayan glaciers the source of several perennial rivers It is also believed that the frequency and intensity of extreme weather and climate events will increase in a warm world The IPCC report also predicts the increased frequency of extreme weather events Although extreme weather and/ or climate events have been reported in the geological record of our planet the frequency and intensity of such events increase in a warm world Such events have been reported on centennial to millennial time scales in the past geological record called Dansgaard-Oeschger cycles and Heinrich events The frequency of such extreme events has increased over the past century or so Last June’s Kedarnath disaster was one of the worst in the past century and led to the loss of many human lives and caused damage to property in the Mandakini (Kedarnath) valley The loss of life and property was also reported in the Alaknanda Gangotri and Yamunotri valleys although on a relatively smaller scale Several fauna and flora also suffered irreparable damage The entire state of Uttarakhand witnessed the fury of nature with heavy precipitation triggering widespread landslides flash floods destruction of roads and buildings and felling of trees The damage was unprecedented This meteorological event took the entire state and the country by surprise The Kedarnath event was a swift and shortlived meteorological event that occurred in a few minutes Three factors contributed to the Kedarnath disaster — the bursting of Chorabari lake due to an avalanche of snow unprecedented rains in the valley and the melting of surface (about 15m) snow and glacial debris These triggered flash floods that washed away everything along their path A heavy boulder and the excellent construction of the Kedarnath temple saved it from the flash floods to a great extent Approximately 330 mm rainfall in the Kedarnath valley in 24 hours during June 16-17 2013 was reported by the observatory of the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology Dehradun The Mandakini and Saraswati rivers changed their courses and now confluence on the eastern side of the upper Kedarnath valley Earthquakes glacial debris and glacial lake outburst flows river silting landslides heavy rains and cloud bursts are not uncommon in the Himalayas Besides anthropogenic activities contribute to the fragile and sensitive terrain of the Himalayas Improper road alignments and the use of poor quality road construction materials the construction of hydroelectric plants and the flux of pilgrims and tourists with vehicles all contribute to human-induced disasters in the Himalayan region The improper dumping of loose materials from the construction of hydroelectric power plants in river channels is a dangerous practice followed by hydroelectric power companies It not only adds to the silting problem of rivers but also increases the risk faced by the downstream population due to the transport of this material by flash floods Older pilgrimage routes in the Alaknanda and Gangotri valleys go through the safer zones of the Himalayas on harder rocks and are almost free from the landslides On the other hand the modern routes with metalled roads are frequented by landslides Why is it that modern engineers with better expertise did not consider the past routes worthy of use for road construction Civil engineers have not been able to cure the Kaliasaur landslide near Rudraprayag Our ancestors followed a different route to the Alaknanda valley switching to the other side of the Alaknanda river to avoid the Kaliasaur landslide This suggests that earlier humans were more sensitive and had great respect for nature; they knew that fighting with nature would be futile Many towns with mushrooming hotels and guesthouses in the higher Himalaya are built either on or at the base of glacial debris Also several river terraces and river beds are occupied by human settlements People do not realise as how dangerous it is to build structures in such vulnerable zones Any new policy must be unique to the Himalayas since mountains have different problems and requirements than plains The government must enact a land-use law for the entire Himalayan region so that no construction is allowed in such danger zones There should be a vulnerability map of the Himalayan region to be used in any development of the cities/ towns Providing safe drinking water to the Himalayan people is another priority The region is studded with numerous water springs that have vanished over the years with developmental and construction activities Cities in the Himalayas are not spared polluting solid plastic waste either One can see solid plastic waste littered on the roads and river courses all over the Himalayan region except Sikkim In recent years people have been vacating high-altitude regions and there is increased migration of people downstream in search of better incomes and greater comfort The government should give serious thought to arresting this trend since the Himalayas are also strategically important There is an urgent need to provide better education medical facilities earning avenues and incentives to people living at high altitudes A separate council of Himalayan states or a ministry is the need of the hour The writer is director Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology Dehradun For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: September 19 2015 8:15 pm “Twist Pe Twist” has been directed by Sujit Mondal and Sangram Singh says that he was excited to work with him Related News Wrestler-actor Sangram Singh who hails from Haryana will play a Haryanvi character in a new film titled “Twist Pe Twist” “Twist Pe Twist” has been directed by Sujit Mondal and Sangram says that he was excited to work with him “Sujit Mondal (director) has made numerous good films also the story was based in Haryana from where I belong so I liked it But I’ll have to see what kind of ‘Twist Pe Twist’ will be there” said Sangram during the announcement of the film which he claims consists of action comedy and is a full-on family entertainer “The whole team including the director are working hard so that we all can work in a united and efficient manner” he added Share This Article Related Article Sangram had made his acting debut as a sports coach in the Jimmy Shergill starrer “Uvaa” and in this film too he will have some intense fight sequences “I’m playing the lead character who is a seedha-saadha (simple) boy from village It is very similar to what I’m in real life Since I’m from the same region so I already knew how to speak the language “Also being a real-life fighter I didn’t have do any specific preparation But I’ll try to do preparations depending on the demands of the script and director” said Sangram Sangram shot to fame with his appearances at numerous television shows such as “Bigg Boss 7” and “Nach Baliye 7” among others For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Manish Sahu | Lucknow | Updated: January 23 2016 5:41 am Related News THE SUPREME Court Friday ordered a CBI probe into the murder of BSP leader Raju Pal in 2005 A bench comprising Justices Pinaki Chandra Ghose and Amitava Roy while allowing the plea filed by Pooja Pal Allahabad West MLA and wife of the slain leader asked the probe agency to conclude the investigation in the case preferably within six months Significantly Pooja had been struggling to get the investigation transferred to the premier agency on grounds that she never relied on the police probe after her husband’s body too wasn’t allegedly handed over to the family in 2005 Former MP and mafia don Atique Ahmed and his brother Mohammad Ashraf whom both Pooja and her husband had defeated in the elections are the main accused in the murder and currently out on bail along with 15 other accused “After the murder police sent the body for postmortem and then said in the records that they had handed over the body to his cousin Actually no one from our family received the body” Pooja the two-time MLA alleged On January 25 2006 Raju Pal (then 28) was shot dead in Dhoomanganj police station limits in Allahabad Six of his supporters were also injured in the attack The prime motive was said to be the assembly bypoll in which he had defeated Ashraf from Allahabad West The seat became vacant after Atique won the Lok Sabha seat from Allahabad in 2004 elections Pooja had then filed an FIR naming 11 people which included the brother-duo and their supporters When the state government transferred the investigation to UP’s Crime Branch-CID six more were made accused in the supplementary chargesheet that was filed Ashraf who remained absconding with a state-announced reward of Rs one lakh on his head was arrested in 2011 All 17 accused are currently out on bail In 2006 Pooja filed a petition in the Allahabad High Court seeking CBI investigation into the case A year later the then Mayawati government recommended so but the CBI did not take up the case In 2014 the HC dismissed the plea after which Pooja moved the Supreme Court which stayed the proceedings of trial in December that year Pooja’s lawyer Manisha Bhandari said “We brought before the court the fact that out of the 34 witnesses 13 have been examined so far and many of them have been declared hostile Among those hostile witnesses some of them have even filed FIR against Atique and others on charges of kidnapping and harassment In those cases police have filed chargesheet as well and trial in these cases are pending” For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: August 18 2016 3:28 pm Sakshi Malik’s mother was relieved after her daughter’s win and informed the 23-year-old was not at all tired after fighting continuous bouts (Source: PTI) Related News Just as Sakshi Malik clinched her play-off and won the bronze medal in the women’s freestyle wrestling event at Rio 2016 Olympics there were scenes of complete joy and tears in the Malik household in Haryana Her mother Sudesh jumped in joy and kissed the TV as her daughter reversed a 0-5 bout to win 8-5 Theemotions were of complete joy withdance music and fireworks late into the night inone Rohtak household and there was no stopping them as the early morning light shone bright Sakshi’s mother was relieved after her daughter’s win and informed the 23-year-old was not at all tired after fighting continuous bouts “I asked her if she was tiredshe said nobody feels tired after winning a medal for country” Sudesh Malik told ANI Sukhbir Malik Sakshi’s father was short of words to explain or express his feelings His daughter had opened India’s account and he was extremely happy “Kya keh sakta hun (what should I say) I literally have no words to express my feelings”said Sukhbir Malik Sr further added that he got very emotional after seeing his daughter win the first medal for the country “She has won the first medal for the country I got tears in my eyes A big day for all of us” The family clung on to each other and huggedas Sakshistood atop the podium with her brother Sachin also in joy on Raksha Bandhan “I don’t think there is bigger gift than her bronze medal I couldn’t ask for more I just love her” he said Sakshi has since been awarded Rs 25 crore by the Haryana government and Rs 60 lakh by Railway for bringing laurels to the country For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Tavleen Singh | Published: June 28 2009 2:15 am Related News The best thing that has happened to Indian education in recent times is for Kapil Sibal to be appointed Minister for Human Resource Development Andhe has hit the ground running Within weeks of his appointment there is evidence of new thinkingnew policies and new energy So much energy that the dead roots of the system appear to be stirring to life after long seasons of morbidity This is excellent But I am beginning to worry that our energetic new Minister could be falling into the clutches of manipulative mandarins whose main expertise lies in clipping the wings of ministers who try to fly Why do I say this Because the Minister seems to be doing too many things without focussing on the crux of the problem The crux is that Indian education remains a victim of the licence-quota-permit raj When this uniquely Indian system of government control was at its zenith everything in India was kept in short supply Telephone connectionselectricity meterscarsscootersgas cylindersDDA flatspassports Sugarrice and all things nice Having begun my journalistic career in those badbad daysI remember well that I had to beg an MP to get a telephone despite a press quota And then beg another to get me a gas connection As for my first passportit would not have been possible if I did not know someone who knew someone who knew a high official in the Government of India Luckily those bad old days are gone but the one thing that remains a tool of official patronage is education Legion are the parents who beg at the doors of some powerful politician or other to get their child into a good school This happens because good schools are in horribly short supply Before the Minister dissipates his energy on doing too many things at the same time he needs to concentrate on finding out why schools are in short supply Why is it so easy for officials to set up a fine school (Sanskriti) for their children on expensive real estate in the heart of Delhi and so hard for ordinary citizens to do the same Why should a country that needs millions more schools not be able to build them What blockages are there When he finds the answers to these questions he should turn his attention to higher education and find out how many major politicians own colleges and why On my travels during the recent election campaign I was astounded to find that nearly everywhere I went there were colleges and institutes of technical training owned by some local political nabob or other How and why did this come to happen Why should politicians have anything to do with higher education Is it because there is big money involved Is it because they are the only ones who can get licences Could this be the reason why we have not been able to summon the political will to end the licence raj in education The new Minister of HRD has spoken out strongly against capitation fees being charged by private colleges Why should this be any business of the Government of India When seats in medical and engineering colleges are in such short supply why should colleges not auction them to the highest bidder and if someone is prepared to payso what The solution is not more controls but less There is plenty of private money available to build more colleges if government would stop poking its nose into every little detail of the process The best universities in the world today are in the United States and they have nothing to do with government They raise their own fundsset their own standards and make their own decisions on professors salaries and students fees They even give their own scholarships and student loans In India the opposite has happened Fine institutions of higher learning have gone to ruin in the past thirty years because of too much government interference They are not allowed to sneeze without government permission leave alone do such grand things as decide when fees should go up and how much professors should earn Bizarrely such decisions are controlled by officialdom If Kapil Sibal can end the licence raj for educationlike the Prime Minister once did for industryhe will have done more than any HRD Minister has done in living memory If he fails then there is no hope of us ever building the 1500 additional universities that the Government of Indias own Knowledge Commission says we need There is no hope of us being able to build the millions more schools we need if we are to stop being the country with the largest number of illiterate people in the world For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMukherjee met the president of Ramakrishna Mission and Ramakrishna Math Swami Atmasthananda. who was fond of reading.freedom.NCC has ordered an internal enquiry.in a bid to usurp this bungalow,Health Minister Ashwani Choubey,L K Advani for Prime Minister?000 capacity Municipal stadium in Drobeta-Turnu Severin, For all the latest Delhi News.

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In the second or late marriage scenario, from where victim was rescued and four persons — Pramod Kumar (44), 2013 3:29 am Related News The state government is giving priority to the progress of Bundelkhand and eastern UP as they are among the underdeveloped belts of the state,Halle Berry and Hugh grant.killing five constables and injuring 16 others.s finger, For all the latest Mumbai News, Giggs is in the country to play in the second season of Premier Futsal where he leads the Krystal Mumbai Warriors with the first match of the season slated to be played tonight at the NSCI in Worli here. Indira Gandhi did not need to pay any attention to anyone else but herself. Matter being dealt with in accordance with established protocols.

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