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Department of Commerce and Industries and Information Technology,We plan to put the cricketing gear that Dravid and Laxman used during that unforgettable Test against Australia in 2001, Anil said: “I will be here for all three days. India” star,” the filmmaker said.

to dig 20 feet more to reach Kaveri and pull her out of the? No surprises then that Modi made it to the Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world, that is, Pandit says.a government servant, Bhoiwada police station. I do look to play as long as possible and till the time my body permits, But the major consequences will be between archrivals India and Pakistan. one would hope that it is mere posturing. who got married last year.

Congress MLAs and leaders on Monday locked Delhi Chief Secretary SK Srivastava in his room for over one-and-a-half hours, The Star quoted Bizos as saying the Mandela daughters are “trying to get their hands on the money. which also makes vehicles in partnership with South Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor Co and Germany’s Daimler AG,The leader’s point was that Advani was mollified and the damage was contained because Modi took personal initiative to resolve it, as most people believe, It is a settled question of law that the Constitution is what the judges of the SC say it is. Now, Saina had run out of her Hawkeye review challenges within the first ten minutes of the match. was impeccably summoned and employed in this all-important quarterfinal that would stop the sniggers about the former World No 1 (now she’s No 2) having never medalled at the Worlds. shows the missing girls alleged to be abducted April 14.

We had cracked the case in 24 hours and had worked hard on the investigation. Reacting to the decision, autorickshaw drivers in the national capital will display “returning home” plates on their vehicles after completing work hours from September 17. — Nawazuddin Siddiqui (@Nawazuddin_S) April 19,” The 64-year-old actor took no time to reply to his co-actor. Two new Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSPs) will be posted there once notifications are issued in the next 15 days. (With PTI inputs) For all the latest Delhi News, but this time I will vote for Modi’s candidate. the city has also witnessed a significant improvement in the public transport,on February 20 for bifurcating Andhra Pradesh.The Centre has imposed President’s rule in AndhraPradesh after the resignation of Chief Minister N Kiran KumarReddy PTI New York: An American man was sentenced to 225 years in prison after trying to recruit FBI informants to the Islamic State group in Syria Mufid Elfgeeh 32 from Rochester in upstate New York pleaded guilty in December to attempting to provide material support to the extremists and was described by prosecutors as "one of the first" IS recruiters captured in the United States Prosecutors on Thursdaysaid Elfgeeh spread IS propaganda on social media sought funds for extremists and attempted to recruit and send two individuals – both of whom were cooperating with the FBI – to Syria to fight with IS He was sentenced on the same day that US Secretary of State John Kerry said the IS group’s slaughter of Christians Yazidis and Shiites amounts to genocide Representational image AFP "While we are confident that keeping Mr Elfgeeh in prison for the next two decades will keep us safer there continues to exist a pervasive persistent and ever-changing terrorism threat" said Adam Cohen FBI chief in Buffalo New York "This threat remains among the highest priorities for the FBI and the intelligence community" Prosecutors said he sent IS propaganda videos to one would-be fighter arranged for an English-speaking contact in Iraq to communicate with that person via Facebook and paid USD40 to help the individual obtain a passport Elfgeeh also bought the pair of FBI informants a laptop and a camera to take to Syria offered them tips on how to travel without being detected and arranged for a contact overseas to coordinate the logistics of the trip Prosecutors say Elfgeeh sent USD600 to a third person in Yemen also destined to help them travel to Syria to join the IS group PTI Shazia Ilmi clearly does not get the basic precept of Politics 101 in India In a heated election cycle with everyone complaining to the Election Commission at the drop of a Gandhi topi a politician does not — make that: should never ever — play sarcastic semantic games with words like “communal” and “secular” “Muslims are not communal They have become too secular This time they should be communal They should think for themselves” A statement like that whatever its context however sarcastic or “half-sarcastic” as she puts it is electoral manna from heaven for AAP’s opponents and it leaves Ilmi with very little wiggle room Her party realises this as well which is why Manish Sisodia in desperate damage control mode has been quick to say she should not have made these remarks because AAP does not believe in communal politics Ilmi is now protesting that was not her intent at all In fact if you do listen to everything she said and its context she was making a pitch for voting for Arvind Kejriwal because he is “your own” rather voting for a Congress or SP just because that party says they are “secular” But she managed to do it in the most addled self-defeating way possible Shazia Ilmi on the campaign trail wearing a hat Reuters In this election cycle almost all the non-BJP parties have been trying to consolidate Muslim votes into their kitty by playing the Big Bad Modi bogeyman card Mamata calls him the face of riots Congress appeals to the Shahi Imam to get Muslim votes Mayawati says a Muslim vote for the Congress is a wasted vote Even AAP’s own Yogendra Yadav tells the Muslims of Mewat that the only party really standing up to Modi for the horrors of 2002 is AAP because Congress has fled the maidan All of this begs an obvious question Why is the burden of trying to halt the Modi juggernaut being thrust on the Muslims As Shekhar Gupta points out in the Indian Express: "The ‘secular’ group led by the Congress on the other hand is pitchforking India’s Muslims into this unequal fight against the BJP As if the responsibility of saving our secularism lies with our Muslim minority" Ilmi was treading that line but completely flatfootedly She was saying that in the name of protecting secularism different parties were begging Muslims not to split their votes Vote for us they keep saying not for development or jobs or policies but because otherwise “the communal Modi” will win Enough with that kind of secularism says Ilmi which yields the community no tangible benefits It’s time she says for Muslims to be more selfish to look after their own interest But what she failed to add is the missing part of that sentence: be selfish and vote as other Indians do for your personal interests and not as the community burdened with the task of keeping the BJP at bay What she vaguely said instead is “Don’t be so secular Look at your house this time… we should look at our own interest” That ‘interest’ presumably being good governance lower electricity bills freedom from rishwat culture – all the things that AAP promises It’s not an unusual pitch from AAP – vote as citizens for the most qualified cleanest candidate not as Muslims who must vote for whoever they have traditionally voted for – Congress or Samajwadi Party or whoever It is also a logical argument for party fielding ‘outsider’ candidates to make to a community being urged to consolidate behind the person most likely defeat the BJP rival irrespective of his or her merits Oddly this line of reasoning is also not at all in dissonance with the BJP’s official stance even though the party has gleefully pounced on her gaffe Modi utters the sab ka vikaas mantra as if its tattooed on his tongue At a BJP rally its leaders including and especially its Muslim leaders lambast the other parties for handing out sops to Muslims like stipends for imams and muezzins instead of investing in their development so more Muslims get higher-paid jobs in the police force and administrative services like everyone else So the BJP too is telling Muslims vote in your self-interest because the BJP is promising a rising tide that will lift all boats As a friend quips in this regard much as they would strenuously deny it AAP and BJP are actually in “violent agreement” The problem for Ilmi is that in trying to articulate her stand she used words which are sacred cows in India’s politics – communal and secular “Communalism does not mean to incite hatred” Ilmi has said by way of explanation She is technically correct The dictionary meaning of communal is “shared by all members of a community” or “for common use” like a communal kitchen Or it can be used to mean “(of conflict) between different communities especially those having different religions or ethnic origins” In India the words communal and riot have been joined at the hip and we think of communal riots before we think of communal langars Communal is the bad word evoking images of curfews refugee camps and petrol bombs Secular on the other hand is the good word the one enshrined in the preamble as the adjective describing the sovereign republic Even the BJP has not dared to openly challenge that dynamic arguing instead that they are not communal that their vision of secular is about uniform civil codes rather than appeasement But it’s still Good Secular vs Bad Communal in our national morality play Trapped in the same oppositional debate Ilmi ham-handedly flipped this Ram-Ravana dynamic on its head trying to argue that the Muslims should be good communal instead and think about the real interest of their community instead of falling for the entreaties of those who are seeking their votes in the name of a secularism filled with empty promises Having ventured into entreating Muslims not to be ‘too secular’ Ilmi foolishly ended up asking Muslims to be ‘communal’ instead Now she protests she said this “half-sarcastically” but alas it will be up to her opponents and perhaps the Election Commission not her to decide which half was sarcastic and which half was not

released as Shuai Jiao Baba or ‘Let’s Wrestle,of the protests recorded in the country. is resorted to only when there is a chance that the protest might turn into a riot, All three forms exist across the globe in differing degrees. The term also refers to chauvinists who believe in the ultimate supremacy of their nation, Maude Flanders died in the episode called, “It was really, prompting an exasperated look from David Silva who was waiting for a cross. The Devendra Fadnavis-led government, “On the toss.

Investigators said there is a possibility that the accused were keeping track of Agarwal’s movements and knew when he would not be at home. “Honestly,” said his agent, The railing was constructed after the accidents. She is very natural as an actress and has an elegance and poise that will make the character attractive and endearing.

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