JAY Z To Headline StarStudded Global Citizen Festival


first_imgThe Global Citizen movement continues its campaign to achieve a world without extreme poverty by 2030 with the third annual Global Citizen Festival, a free ticketed concert on the Great Lawn in Central Park.The 2014 Global Citizen Festival will be headlined by JAY Z, No Doubt, Carrie Underwood, fun., The Roots and Tiesto, on Saturday, September 27, 2014.MSNBC and NBC News will serve as official media partners for this year’s Festival. For the first time ever, the Festival will air live on television with MSNBC carrying the full concert on cable and msnbc.com. In addition, NBC News will produce a one-hour primetime special of the event to air on NBC at 9 p.m. on September 27. MSNBC and NBC News will also highlight the issues surrounding global poverty in the coming months.Starting today, free tickets to the Festival are available by participating in online actions here, where users take “action” to earn their admission. By signing petitions, emailing world leaders and sharing content with their social networks, fans become active participants in campaigning for positive change as they earn points that can be used to enter the prize draw to win free tickets. Ticket draws will occur throughout the summer and fans will be notified via Ticketmaster when they have been selected. A limited number of VIP tickets will also be available for purchase through Ticketmaster. For the third year in a row, Citi is proud partner of the Global Citizen Festival and Citi credit card members will have exclusive access to VIP offers at the early bird pricing.The Festival coincides with the UN General Assembly and will serve as a high-profile platform to call for tangible commitments from world leaders in the areas of vaccines, education and sanitation. Major campaigns tied to this year’s Festival include: securing contributions for the GAVI Alliance and the Global Partnership for Education, and building momentum by citizens for the Water for the World Act, a Congressional bill that will support efforts to benefit the 1.25 billion women and girls that currently go without safe access to sanitation.This year’s Festival will also focus on ensuring that all the world’s children and young people can survive and thrive. It will support a UNFPA-led global campaign to ensure the rights of adolescents and youth, especially girls, are firmly included in the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Global Citizens will be calling on all governments to prioritize investments for young people across crucial areas of education, reproductive health and safety from violence.The Festival is only possible due to the incredible support from Mayor Bill de Blasio and his administration, which is creating new educational opportunities this fall for thousands of New York City’s children with the introduction of universal pre-kindergarten and expanded after-school programs across the five boroughs.“In the last 15 years, the world has seen the most successful anti-poverty push in history,” said Hugh Evans, CEO of The Global Poverty Project. “Thanks to the political leadership, global investment and significant policy changes generated over the last several years, ending extreme poverty by 2030 is within our reach, but we need to continue to change the systems that contribute to the social injustice of extreme poverty. To do so, we must engage Global Citizens to create a groundswell of support our world leaders cannot ignore.”Shawn “JAY Z” Carter stated, “Change only takes place when and where there is action. I’m joining the 2014 Global Citizen Festival because I believe through actions, whether it be by raising awareness, getting involved or educating ourselves, the goal to end extreme poverty by 2030 is possible.”No Doubt issued a statement saying, “Our earliest musical influences were artists from around the world who made us aware of issues beyond our own backyards. We hope to continue that tradition of raising awareness by joining an incredible group of performers on stage at the Global Citizen Festival to shine a light on the unacceptable fact that over 1.2 billion people on our planet still live in extreme poverty.”“I believe we all have the ability to make our world a better place. Positive change is possible when we work together, and this Festival is a hopeful opportunity for all of us to help see an end to extreme poverty,” said Carrie Underwood.On their participation in the Festival, fun. stated, “We believe that everyone should have equal rights. We look forward to performing with these incredible artists as we rally our fans to join us in helping to make the world a better, more equal place.”In a statement from The Roots, the group said, “Every day we hear stories of people who are looking for a helping hand. We look forward to joining the thousands of global citizens on the Great Lawn who recognize we live in an interdependent world where our actions can positively affect the lives of others across the globe.”World renowned EDM headliner Tiesto stated, “I am very excited to perform at this year’s Global Citizen Festival and continue my support for protecting the world’s children. I’m asking my fans to join me and call on our world leaders to bring about real change that will help our children live healthy, strong lives.”One of the first “actions” fans can complete is the signing of a petition calling on world leaders to contribute $7.5 billion to the GAVI Alliance, which provides lifesaving vaccines to children in poor countries. This funding would enable the GAVI Alliance to help immunize 300 million children by 2020, which will help save the lives of 5 million to 6 million children worldwide.“The GAVI Alliance is striving to see every child, everywhere is immunized with life-saving vaccines,” said Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of the GAVI Alliance. “With funding, we can massively increase the impact of immunization in the poorest countries by 2020. By signing this important petition and becoming a Global Citizen, you will ensure that children get the vaccines they need to be healthy, go to school and help pull their communities out of poverty.”This year’s Festival will build on previous Global Citizen Festivals, which in 2013, included performances by Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Alicia Keys, Kings Of Leon, and Elvis Costello, and in 2012, was headlined by Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Band of Horses, K’naan and John Legend, and will aim to generate more than two million actions in support of the world’s poor. Since the Festival’s inception in 2012, actions taken by concertgoers have resulted in $1.3 billion dollars in new funding and 35 commitments from world leaders that directly benefit the world’s poor.The proud partners of the 2014 Global Citizen Festival are Caterpillar Inc., Citi, World Childhood Foundation, The Riot House, Noise 4 Good, EKOCYCLE and Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. The Festival has also partnered with leading non-profit groups, including: UNFPA, the Global Partnership for Education, GAVI Alliance, The Malala Fund, WaterAid America, Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council, WASH Advocates, U.S. Fund for UNICEF, and more.“The Global Citizen Festival brings together a stellar lineup to support an immensely important cause, at an iconic venue in Central Park,” said Jennifer Breithaupt, SVP of Entertainment Marketing at Citi. “We are honored to sponsor again for the third year, to be the presenting partner of the VIP tent and offer our cardmembers VIP access to what will certainly be an impactful and memorable event.”People everywhere are invited to sign-up, take actions, and enter the prize draws for free tickets. In total, 48,000 free tickets to the Festival will be given out to Global Citizens. For more information about the artists, schedules, and event, please visit www.globalcitizenfestival.com.last_img read more

Trump trade tariffs sink stocks


first_imgNEW YORK (NEWS 1130) – US President Donald Trump’s approval of tens of billions of dollars in duties on Chinese imports sparked a selloff in stocks.At the closing bell, the Dow Jones Industrial average was down 724 points or 2.9 per cent to 23,958. The S&P/TSX Composite Index fell 1.8 per cent of 275 points to 15,400.The Trump administration announced trade sanctions against China Thursday, and Beijing has said it will defend itself.Dow drops 700 points late in the session, 2.8%, on investor fear about Trump’s trade tariffs on China.— Richard Dettman (@rwdettman) March 22, 2018Industrial and technology companies, which depend heavily on foreign trade, took some of the worst losses.Boeing, Caterpillar and Microsoft all fell sharply.Bond prices surged as investors sought cover, sending yields lower. That helped push bank stocks sharply lower too.High-dividend stocks like utilities, another safe-play investment, rose.last_img read more

Children missing DCPCR identifies 50 vulnerable areas


first_imgNew Delhi: The Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights has identified 50 areas from where the cases of missing children are regularly reported. The child rights body with the help of local volunteers will raise awareness on the menace.According to DCPCR, earlier they had mapped 20 areas depending on the report of missing cases. But recently they found some new places from where children go missing regularly. Samrah Mirza, member of child rights body, said that they have taken data from Delhi Police regarding the issue and identified the areas vulnerable to kids. “Through our Bal Suraksha Mitra, we are creating awareness in the vulnerable areas and also assisting the family in need, “said DCPCR member. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderAccording to the commission, earlier they had conducted a comprehensive study from 2015 to 2017 and found that Ranhola, Narela, Samaypur Badli, Shahbad Dairy, Jaitpur, Neb Sarai, Khajuri Khas, Sagarpur, Jahangirpuri, Bhalswa Dairy, and Mehrauli were among 20 areas prone to missing children cases. The commission claimed that areas including Gandhi Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Jamia Nagar, Burari, Chhawla, Najafgadh, Okhla, Sonia Vihar, New Usmanpur, Punjabi Bagh are among the 50 places from where the missing cases are being reported. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsDCPCR official said that they regularly visit the area and meet the families to make them aware about the menace. The Bal Suraksha Mitra sends a report to the child rights body in cases where the missing/kidnapped children family feels handicapped or requires assistance. According to Delhi Police data, around 1,177 cases of missing children have been registered in the city in just 74 days. Police sources told Millennium Post that up to March 15, as many as 585 kids were traced whereas 592 children are still missing. As many as 1,080 kidnapping cases were reported in which 315 were solved and 60 persons involved in the crime arrested. As per the analysis, in most of the cases, children go missing due to reasons like parents not being at home, academic pressure, losing their way, elopement.last_img read more

Researcher Urge Morocco to Promote its Islam in Europe to Prevent


Rabat – While the Europe’s latest terrorist incidents have triggered a wave of racist attacks and violence against Moroccan Muslims, Driss El Ganbouri, a writer, politician, and Islamic Studies researcher, has blamed Morocco of not sufficiently promoting its cultural and religious values among the Moroccan diaspora in Europe.Several Muslims, including Moroccan nationals, have experienced verbal and physicalracist assaults following the recent terror attacks in Spain, Finland, and Belgium.During an interview with Moroccan news outlet, Hespress, El Ganbouri explained thatthe latest attacks have worsened the diaspora’s situation in Europe. He emphasizedthat such terrorist acts have distorted the image of Moroccans living abroad, givingnegative impressions about Islam and Moroccans. El Ganbouri, who is also a politician and writer, went on to add that “human behaviorsare measured nowadays through specific criteria, including ethnic affiliation, culturalbackgrounds, and religious values,” an issue which has “unfortunately become atendency in the modern European culture.”The researcher pointed out also how exclusionary policies might pose a threat to thestability of the European countries. “Convicting a certain nationality or a specificcategory of immigrants because of crimes committed by other delinquents might leadto a kind of social and cultural exclusion among a category of people that represent alarge community in Europe,” he said.“This exclusion might increase extremism among people under pressure as apsychological reaction.”El Ganbouri said that Europeans do not want to admit the failure of their integrationpolicies and the mistakes they have made in managing immigration issues. “Therefore,”he said, “they [Europeans] resort to blaming foreigners for their mistakes.”The politician said that it is impossible to exclude Morocco from responsibility. Ganbouribelieves that the kingdom did not pay much attention to its diaspora, and wasinterested in economic matters more than anything else.“The kingdom delayed the issue of Moroccan immigrants, and has been dealing withthem in the past decades as a workforce who work in the European stocks and comeback every summer to rest after a long year of hard work,” he said. “Morocco is moreinterested in the immigrants’ hard currency instead.”El Ganbouri claimed that the kingdom did not invest in the cultural, social, and religiousneeds of its diaspora, leaving its emigrants to deal with these issues by themselves.“This approach was undertaken only recently under the instruction of Europeangovernments in order to fight extremism.”He continued that “while Morocco neglects its diaspora’s issues, there were other Araband Muslim countries moving in full swing to handle the problems of its citizens. Today,Morocco is far behind these countries.” read more

Africawide UN action plan seeks to save the gorilla


Many experts are warning that without urgent action gorillas will become extinct in the wild within the next few decades and the Year, launched at the opening of a UN wildlife conference in Rome by Prince Albert II of Monaco, aims to boost protection of the great ape and its habitat by increasing the livelihoods and incomes of local people from managing their conservation.“Flagship species such as the gorilla can be a powerful catalyst for improved conservation and the more intelligent management of economically-important ecosystems,” UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Executive Director Achim Steiner said.“In doing so, initiatives such as the Year of the Gorilla can galvanize and revitalize action on the ground, [which is] so urgently needed to reverse the rate of loss of biodiversity while generating incomes and improving livelihoods for local people and communities.”The action plan includes a range of projects available for backing by governments, business, civil society groups and individuals. For example, tests in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have found that locally made ‘rocket stoves’ can cut charcoal and wood use by up to 70 per cent. Expanding use to thousands of homes in the region could help reduce pressure on gorilla forest habitat, boost incomes and livelihoods for local people and improve air quality in local homes. A second pilot project, this time in Cameroon, is boosting alternative livelihoods to reduce commercial hunting of bush meat and the Year of Gorilla plans to expand the ‘Apiarists for the Apes’ (an apiarist is a beekeeper) programme to more communities. Rwanda and Uganda, with their populations of mountain gorillas, generate significant economic returns from ape-based ecotourism. The industry has surpassed coffee and tea as Rwanda’s number one foreign exchange earner. It is planned to dispatch guides and operators from successful ecotourism programmes in East Africa to countries such as Gabon to boost ecotourism initiatives in West Africa.Three of the four gorilla species are listed as ‘critically endangered’ on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, putting them at risk of extinction. Mountain gorillas in DRC, Rwanda and Uganda and the Cross River gorilla in Cameroon and Nigeria number only 700 and 300 respectively. The eastern lowland gorilla in the DRC has plummeted dramatically over the last 10 years with probably only about 5,000 of the formerly 17,000 animals remaining. The most numerous subspecies, the western lowland gorilla in Angola, the Central African Republic (CAR), Cameroon, DRC, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of Congo, perhaps numbers more than 200,000, but those gorillas remain threatened on several fronts.The main threats are hunting for food, with at least 1 million tons of bush meat extracted each year from the Congo Basin forests, alongside their use in traditional medicine, capture of live infants as pets and ensnarement in traps set for other species. Habitat loss is being accelerated through logging and slash-and-burn agriculture, while the region’s abundance in natural resources, production of charcoal and mining for gold, zinc, uranium and coltan, an ore used in electronics such as mobile phones, are gradually destroying gorilla habitat. Moreover, armed conflicts, as in eastern DRC, can trigger the displacement of huge numbers of people who then may use natural resources unsustainably. On top of this, diseases like Ebola can wipe out entire populations. “Without doubt a special aim of the Year of the Gorilla will be to bring recovery-focused projects to the DRC once hostilities have ceased and community-based conservation projects can be fully resumed,” UNEP Convention on Migratory Species (UNEP-CMS) Executive Secretary Robert Hepworth said.Ecotourism, sustainable timber harvesting and improved agricultural practices can support reforestation campaigns, anti-poaching efforts and implementation of development projects. One focus will be on the regions bordering areas protected for gorilla conservation. Developmental projects that can also contribute include schools and educational initiatives alongside ones that cover water supplies and health care.The Year of the Gorilla is a joint initiative of UNEP-CMS, the UNEP/UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s Great Ape Survival Partnership (GRASP) and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). “It is in the interest of the international community and our honourable task to save these unique natural resources and the World Heritage Sites where they live,” Prince Albert said. Also present at today’s launch was renowned primatologist and Year of the Gorilla 2009 Patron Jane Goodall. “It is time for us to pool all of our resources toward saving these magnificent creatures,” she declared. 1 December 2008Low-volume wood-burning stoves to protect forest habitat, alternative livelihoods to replace bush meat hunting with beekeeping and the promotion of ecotourism are among steps planned under the United Nations Year of the Gorilla 2009, launched today, to save of one of humankind’s closest but critically endangered relatives. read more

Former Navy spokesman DKP Dassanayake granted bail


Dassanayake had been in remand after being arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in July last year over the disappearance of the 11 youth.The youth had been reported missing between 2008 and 2009. (Colombo Gazette) Former Navy spokesman D K P Dassanayake was granted bail today in the case over the disappearance of eleven youth.Dassanayake and five others had earlier been in remand over the case.

World must wake up to enormity of Central African Republic crisis warns


Senior Humanitarian Coordinator Claire Bourgeois visited Batangafo over the weekend to assess the increasing protection needs in the area caused by a continuous influx of newly displaced persons (IDP). There are now more than 30,000 IDPs in the main site of the city, according to the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). After visiting the overcrowded displacement site in Batangafo – which daily receives hundreds of people driven from their homes by violence – Mrs. Bourgeois, in a press release today, stressed the urgent need to restore State authority in the town. While impressed by the way the humanitarian response is organized by the Danish Refugee Council and Médecins Sans Frontières Spain, and by the active role played by the Committee of Wise Men and the Transhumance Committee, she nevertheless emphasized that immediate action is needed to ensure the safety and protection of civilians who are at severe risk of attacks in the region, especially in the western area. “This will stop the daily influx of hundreds of displaced people arriving at the site searching for safety; it will facilitate the return to their places of origins; and, at the same time, will enable humanitarian actors to reach people in need in areas where activities are now interrupted due to safety concerns,” Mrs. Bourgeois said. Mrs. Bourgeois was accompanied on her visit by representatives of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, as well as the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), UN Population Fund (UNFPA), UN refugee agency (UNHCR), World Health Organization (WHO), and other humanitarian partners. The delegation met with the Committee of Wise Men, representatives of the Pheul community, non-governmental organizations and IDPs themselves in Batangafo, to discuss their basic needs and the challenges impeding their return to their places of origin. OCHA notes that the most urgent needs identified were: improvement of the security and protection of civilians, and assistance to newly arrived displaced people. The mission participants called on all parties to the conflict to respect international humanitarian law and protect civilians and humanitarian workers in CAR. “The world needs to wake up to the enormity of the crisis in CAR. This is one of the most serious humanitarian emergencies in the world. We urgently need more action and more commitment. Action to protect civilians must be the top priority for all actors,” Mrs. Bourgeois added. Her strong call comes following the launch last Friday by UNHCR of its latest funding appeal to help more than 450,000 Central African Republic refugees struggling to survive across the region. The $331 million appeal presented seeks to provide safety, food, clean water, shelter, health and other basic services to people, which the agency expects will be seeking refuge in Cameroon, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Republic of the Congo by the end of the year. More than two years of civil war and sectarian violence have displaced thousands of people in the CAR amid continuing clashes between the mainly Muslim Séléka alliance and anti-Balaka militia, which are mostly Christian CAR faces a humanitarian crisis of major proportions. Nearly a million people have been displaced and 2.7 million people, over half of the population, are in dire need of immediate assistance. read more

Ohio State quarterback JT Barrett probable for Big Ten championship against Wisconsin


Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett helped off the field in the third quarter of the Buckeyes’ game against Michigan Saturday. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorOhio State expects to have its starting quarterback back for the Big Ten championship against Wisconsin. Head coach Urban Meyer said redshirt senior J.T. Barrett “moved into probable” for Saturday night’s matchup, though he did not practice on Sunday. Barrett was injured with six minutes remaining in the third quarter of Ohio State’s 31-20 win against Michigan two days ago and did not return.After the game, Meyer said a cameraman hit Barrett with a camera before kickoff, which caused him to aggravate a knee injury. Barrett then was hit during a run, which reaggravated the injury and forced him to exit the game and not return.The Buckeyes’ game against the Badgers kicks off at 8:17 p.m. Saturday night. read more

We Came Up With A New Way To Determine Baseballs Top PowerSpeed


9Y. Moncada869087.6T. Story789886.9 Baseball has always prized players who can hit the ball a country mile or run like the wind. And when the same player can do both of those things, he becomes the stuff of legends — like when Willie Mays hit 36 home runs and swiped 40 bases in 1956, or when Jose Canseco inaugurated the 40-40 club in 1988.So, who is today’s version of Mays or Canseco — the best mix of both power and speed? There is the traditional way of measuring it, but we can do a better job using MLB’s new Statcast metrics, which track the exact velocity of a ball off a player’s bat and the speed of his body around the basepaths.Bill James originally captured a player’s combination of slugging and running by inventing a statistic called the Power/Speed Number, introduced in his 1980 “Baseball Abstract.” The formula is simply the harmonic mean of home runs and stolen bases: two times home runs times stolen bases, divided by the sum of home runs and stolen bases. “It is so crafted that a player who does well in both home runs and stolen bases will rate high,” James wrote, “and his rating is determined by the balance of the two as well as by the total.”According to this basic accounting system, the best combo of power and speed in any single season belonged to Alex Rodriguez in 1998, when he hit 42 home runs and stole 46 bases — just the third of four 40/40 seasons in MLB history.1The most recent was Alfonso Soriano’s in 2006. The best Power/Speed Number last season belonged to Jose Ramirez of the Cleveland Indians, who hit 39 home runs and stole 34 bases; that season is tied for 31st all-time in James’s metric.For this season, White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson led baseball on April 18 with a 4.8 Power/Speed Number (four homers and six steals) — though that’s not really comparable to full-season numbers because the metric is a mean of two cumulative stats, meaning that it grows as the season goes on.2The career leader in Power/Speed is Barry Bonds with a mark of 613.9 — gargantuan relative to the single-season record of 43.9. A better way to get numbers that resemble full-season stats is to combine actual results from the first few weeks of the season with rest-of-season projected homers and steals from FanGraphs’ depth charts. After we did that, the top projected Power/Speed player of 2019 was Adalberto Mondesi of the blazing-fast Kansas City Royals — he’s on pace for 48 stolen bases and 22 home runs. Starling Marte24.9Tim Anderson24.0Eric Davis198640.4 1M. Trout919592.9C. Bellinger999596.6 3T. Story889892.5R. Acuña889892.3 * Harmonic mean of the percentile ranks for exit velocity and sprint speed2019 numbers through April 18Source: Baseball Savant Mookie Betts31.0Ronald Acuna27.4Eric Davis198742.5 Javier Baez26.0Jonathan Villar24.0Barry Bonds199040.4 7S. Ohtani978188.1H. Pence918587.8 Mondesi certainly is fast — he ranks second in all of baseball (behind Minnesota’s Byron Buxton) in Statcast’s sprint speed metric, which tracks a player’s velocity on running plays in which he is theoretically hustling. His pop is also impressive for a speedster. If Mondesi were to hit his projections, he would be in great company: The 40/40 club’s lesser cousin, in which a player has 20 homers and 40 steals, has been done only 50 times in history and not at all since 2013. But according to Statcast, the average exit velocity of Mondesi’s batted balls is 88.9 miles per hour, which puts him in the bottom half of all qualified hitters.3Minimum 25 batted-ball events.Homers and steals are proxies for power and speed, but they’re imperfect ones. If we use Statcast’s rankings as the basis for a new conception of James’s old Power/Speed Number — measuring power with exit velocity and speed with sprint velocity — it turns out that there are hitters who do an even better job than Mondesi of combining these two facets of the game.I took every player who had at least one batted-ball event and one running event in every 1.8 games through April 184Which worked out to about 10 so far this season and about 90 over a full season. and calculated his percentile rank in each category. Then, like with James’s original metric, I took the harmonic mean of those two values for a combined score that rewards high rankings in both power and speed.Last season’s top power-speed player was — who else? — Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels, who ranked 31st in exit velocity and 17th in sprint speed.Of course, Trout also ranked fifth on our original Power/Speed leaderboard … but where is Ramirez in this updated version? Surprisingly, the Indians’ MVP candidate was only 85th in the new ranking, despite leading MLB in James’s metric. He had a lot more steals and homers than we would have expected from his raw physical tools. As my colleague Travis Sawchik documented last season, Ramirez made up for a lack of pure power with a concerted focus on lifting the ball in the air to his pull side, particularly to right field as a lefty hitter. (Ramirez hits from both sides of the plate.) He was also smart about picking his spots as a base-stealer, ranking seventh in stolen-base percentage with an 85 percent success rate.But this version of the Power/Speed Number is more about measuring the skills that help lead to home runs and steals — rather than the homers and steals themselves — so players like Ramirez are out in favor of those like the Braves’ great young left fielder Ronald Acuña Jr., who consistently hits rockets off the bat and is one of the fastest runners in the sport. Trea Turner26.4C. Yelich24.0Bobby Bonds197340.9 8A. Altherr849287.9J. Báez928487.4 Acuña was second last year and is third so far in 2019, coming up on the heels of Buxton (who might be the anti-Ramirez — he has one of the league’s highest average exit velocities despite zero home runs this season or last). But neither player ranks No. 1. That honor belongs to Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers.The power part isn’t shocking. Bellinger already has 11 home runs this season, second in the majors behind Christian Yelich. He’s leading the majors in an absurd array of stats, including wins above replacement, batting average, slugging percentage, hits, runs, total bases and on-base plus slugging (OPS). Through April 18, Bellinger ranked sixth in average exit velocity at 95.9 miles per hour.But speed? According to FanGraphs, the 6-foot-4, 210-pound Bellinger was rated by scouts as a “45” in the category back in 2017, with average at 50. And yet, Bellinger was up to 16th in Statcast sprint speed at 29.0 feet per second, tied with Kansas City speed-merchant Billy Hamilton (!). In just the first three weeks of the season, Bellinger already had 27 of what Statcast classifies as “competitive runs,” which contribute to his average, so it’s unlikely that the radar-trackers merely picked up a few aberrant readings. That’s particularly the case since Bellinger also ranked 35th overall in sprint speed last season, with a 28.8 feet-per-second average over 224 competitive runs.Interestingly, the power component might be the more likely area of regression for Bellinger. Although he exploded for 39 home runs in his first 132 major league games in 2017, his power dipped last season, with an average exit velocity that didn’t rank among the top quarter of MLB hitters. He appears to have made adjustments after a classic sophomore-slump campaign, blistering the ball early this season, but Bellinger has the longer track record of having an elite sprint speed than having elite batted-ball metrics.Bellinger is simply surprisingly fast in terms of in-game speed. And that works in concert with his crazy mashing to make him MLB’s best power-speed player in the early part of this season.Check out our latest MLB predictions. C. Yelich27.3Mookie Betts24.8Jose Canseco198841.0 Mike Trout29.7Jose Ramirez26.9Barry Bonds199641.0 6T. Hernández948588.9N. Goodrum909089.9 Who combines the best Statcast power and speed metrics?2018 and 2019 MLB leaders in percentile ranks for both power (by average exit velocity) and speed (by average sprint speed) 2018 Leaders2019 Leaders 5T. Pham978590.5M. Trout919090.4 10M. Chapman987987.2J. Martin898486.2 2R. Acuna889892.5B. Buxton9110095.5 Tim Anderson22.6Javier Baez23.8A. Soriano200240.0 * Projected full-season Power/Speed Numbers (as of April 18, 2019) according to FanGraphs’ depth chartsSources: Baseball-Reference.com, FanGraphs Jose Ramirez36.3A. Mondesi30.2Alex Rodriguez199843.9 Trevor Story31.2Mike Trout27.8A. Soriano200643.4 2018 Leaders2019 Leaders*All-Time Leaders F. Lindor30.2Trevor Story27.4R. Henderson198642.4 PlayerpowerspeedMean*PlayerpowerspeedMean* Baseball’s best at combining homers and stealsThe top players in 2018, 2019* and all-time according to Bill James’s Power/Speed Number (PSN) 4C. Yelich958891.4J. Alfaro939091.4 PlayerPSNPlayerPSNPlayerYearPSN read more

22yearold stabbed by masked man in Belfast


first_imgA 22-YEAR-OLD MAN was stabbed in the chest, legs and arms by a masked man in Belfast in the early hours of Sunday morning.The Police Service of Northern Ireland has issued an appeal for information after the man was stabbed as he walked along the Silverstream Road in Belfast at around 6am yesterday morning.The man was taken to hospital for treatment. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.PSNI detectives have called on anyone with information about the stabbing or anyone who witnessed the incident to contact police in Northern Ireland.Location of Silverstream Road in Belfast (Image: Google Maps)last_img

Ushering in the law year


first_imgSouth Brisbane’s Saint George Greek Orthodox Church was awash with robes, wigs and sashes earlier this month, with the inauguration of Queensland’s law year for 2015.Conducted annually, this year the service was officiated by Reverend Father Anastasios Bozikis and Archiepiscopal representative Vicar General of Queensland, Reverend Father Dimitri Tsakas.The procession, which took place on 3 August, was composed of various members of the legal profession including judges, magistrates, commission and tribunal members and academic staff. The state’s Honorary Consul for Greece, Jim Raptis OBE, together with President of Saint George Parish community, Michael Anasatas, welcomed the governor of Queensland, Paul de Jersey AC, and other law officials.The first reading was given by the Honourable Justice Anthe I Philippides, followed by the Honourable Justice Margaret McMurdo AC, president of the Court of Appeal. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Wilmington Little League Celebrates WHS Senior Riley Zaya


first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — This is the eleventh (and final) in a series of profiles celebrating the former Wilmington Little League’s seniors playing on the Wilmington High School baseball team. Little League’s motto is courage, character, and loyalty. Through playing with and against each other, these student athletes the embodiment of the motto.Riley ZayaThere is always that one kid who, when you watch them they look like they were born to be a ballplayer.  Riley Zaya is that type of kid.  He always seems to be in the right place, is fundamentally sound, and looks like he belongs on the baseball diamond.   He comes from a family of ballplayers and spent a lot of his formative years with his dad and brother at baseball camps, run by the coach of Reading High. He is also the kind of player who would run through a wall for you. He once gutted out an entire game with a sore arm, never letting the coach know so that he could help his team. Riley is a quick witted kid who knows how to keep everyone loose, but also knows when to buckle down and get serious.Riley began his WLL career in Rookie ball playing for the Yellow Jackets, coached by Fred Russell.  Once on the field, his skills and ability were evident to anyone who saw him play.  That first year on the small diamond was filled with many exciting memories.  He remembers getting his first hit, catching his first popup, turning his first double play, and turning a single into a double.   He remembers how much fun it was go to the field, get dirty and play baseball.Drafted by the Indians as a ten year old, he played his first season under Coach Jim Dee. His final two seasons he played for Coach Fred Russell.  The highlight of his Majors career was getting to play one season with his brother Connor.He was selected to play on the All Star tournament team each of his three seasons.  Other memorable moments included pitching a complete game, getting his first hit as a 10 year old,  and turning a game saving double play during a 11 year old All Star tournament game.  He really enjoyed playing for Coach Russell, and helping the Indians to the playoff semifinals during his final year in the Majors.  Riley played on the Indians with future Wildcats Jack Boyle and Jarred Aucoin.  He also always enjoyed marching in the Opening Day parade and hanging with his friends on the outfield fence watching the other teams play their games.Riley finished his WLL career playing two years in Juniors.  Along with the spring teams, he also played for the Jimmy Fund, Pony, and Northeast teams in the summer. He was a valuable contributor to the first Wilmington Middle School team. He helped lead the Wildcats to a 16-5 record and a trip to the semifinals of the playoffs. He also played on the 2016 Northeast team, which was the first Wilmington team to win a Northeast League Division championship.This will be Riley’s second year playing Varsity Baseball for the Wildcats, having competed at the Freshman and JV level for the his first two years. He was a member of the 2017 Middlesex Freedom division championship team last year.  He also played four years on the WHS Soccer team.Riley is thankful for all the years his mother Claire, Father Tom, brother Connor, and sister Mackenzie made the time to see him play. He is grateful to have gotten the opportunity to play that one year in the Majors with his brother.  He is planning on attending the University of New Hampshire in the fall to study business. (NOTE: The above profile is from Wilmington Little League.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington Little League Celebrates WHS Senior Jarred AucoinIn “Sports”Wilmington Little League Celebrates WHS Senior Jack BoyleIn “Sports”Wilmington Little League Celebrates WHS Senior Graham SmithIn “Sports”last_img read more

Nokia Lumia 610 Hits Indian Market To Be Priced at Rs 12999


first_imgMobile phone maker finally Nokia launched its affordable smartphone Lumia 610 in India on Friday.Nokia Lumia 610, which was unveiled earlier this year at Mobile World Congress and later in several Asian countries, has hit Indian market and is priced at Rs 12,999. It is touch screen and features 3.7  inch display size with 5 megapixels  camera.Powered by 800MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Nokia Lumia 610 is the cheapest of the Lumia smartphones. It introduces Windows Phone 7.5 Mango and comes with 256MB RAM and 8GB of internal memory.The smart[hone is available with Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport and Nokia Music, giving its users option to choose from several apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace to further personalize the experience. It is also a great smartphone for students as it has built-in Microsoft Office app. Word mobile, PowerPoint mobile, Excel mobile to manage documents, and OneNote mobile to capture notes, ideas, and pictures.”The Nokia Lumia 610 will introduce Windows Phone to a new generation of smartphone users, offering something very different to the monochromatic smartphones filling shelves today,” Jo Harlow, Head of Smart Devices at Nokia, had said at its launch in Philippines. “PeopleHub, Nokia services and quality apps – coupled with a fast and friendly interface – will make for a great smartphone experience at a great price.”Lumia 610 Specifications:Processor800  MHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 7227A (WCDMA) DimensionsHeight: 119.24  mmWidth: 62.18  mmThickness: 11.95  mmWeight: 131.5  gLocal connectivityMicro USB WiFiUSB 2.0 High-SpeedBluetooth Stereo Audio3.5mm AHJ ConnectorBluetooth 2.1 +EDRMemory8 GB mass memory (no slot for micro-SD cards) plus SkyDrive cloud storage and SDRAM memoryOperating SystemWindows Phone 7.5 MangoNavigationGPSA-GPSCell IDWi-Fi positioningCamera5 megapixels Megapixel(s)2592×1944 pixelsVideo Camera640x480 pixelslast_img read more

Dallas Is All In On Amazon HQ2 Austin ¯ツ¯


first_img Share Illustration by Todd WisemanDallas and Austin are potential candidates for Amazon’s HQ2To hear Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings tell it, attracting Amazon is “like a poker game.”“Bring the bidding war on,” he said shortly after Dallas made the shortlist to house the tech giant’s second headquarters. And in that war, he’s “all in,” he made clear in an interview weeks later.A few hundred miles south, Austin Mayor Steve Adler has yet to ante up.“I don’t know that we want to be” Amazon’s second home, Adler said last week.Austin and Dallas are the only two Texas cities still in the running to land Amazon’s second headquarters, a coveted $5 billion capital investment the company says will employ as many as 50,000 people.Both cities are considered strong contenders. Various algorithms have ranked each one first, and both made the top five in a recent survey of site selection consultants. But the cities’ most public spokesmen seem to be taking opposite approaches to the deal. Adler said Austin’s initial bid did not contain any financial incentives, for example; Rawlings has promised that Dallas will be “aggressive.”Those approaches highlight the divergent business climates within the two cities — and could affect the two cities’ standing in the tech behemoth’s eyes, some experts say.“One approach is better than the other,” said Ron Starner, who has been following the Amazon bidding war for Site Selection magazine. “If you’re up against an Atlanta and a Dallas-Fort Worth which you know are going to hold nothing back, that historically have a long track record of winning projects like this… saying ‘Um, yeah, I’d really like you to come here but as part of the long-term package we’d like you to help us solve our problems’ — I’ve never been aware of that being a winning strategy.”The full details of the two cities’ wooing efforts are all but impossible to know at this time. Amazon has reportedly asked local officials not to discuss details of the deal publicly; Rawlings’ office declined to comment for this story, citing a non-disclosure agreement. And both Texas cities have refused to make public most of their communications with the Seattle-based company, as well as the proposals themselves.But in interviews and public statements, Rawlings has spoken at length about all that Dallas has to offer Amazon. Adler, despite touting his city’s perks, seems to be wondering what Amazon can offer Austin. “We have really severe traffic issues and really severe affordability issues,” Adler said last week in an interview with Evan Smith, CEO of The Texas Tribune. “If, because of your scale, because of the resources and power you bring, you can actually help us deal with mobility in a way that we can’t deal with it on our own or aren’t going to be able to deal with it for a significant period of time, well then I want to have that conversation.”“But that’s the conversation we should have,” he emphasized.Meanwhile, Rawlings, the former chief executive of Pizza Hut, has indicated that he sees the bidding process like any other: catering to a client.“This is about taking care of a customer, and saying, ‘Customer, what do you like? Blue? Red? You like something that is slimming?’” Rawlings said. “It’s all about, ‘The customer’s right.’”He also made that clear in a promotional video that the city released with its application: “I love DFW because it’s easy. It’s a great place to live.”In his initial pitch, Adler asked Amazon to see Austin’s “greatest challenges as an opportunity.”The Dallas approach is markedly more traditional, experts said.“Most often, you’ll see the communities competing for the site to really be coming up with very, very competitive solutions, and that’s what we may be witnessing from the Dallas competition,” said Jeff Moseley, CEO of the Texas Association of Business.The two mayors’ rhetoric squares with what several experts describe as a pattern from the two cities’ economic development departments. Dallas has historically been more business-centric and more generous with financial incentives. Austin — a city that sometimes clings to its free-spirit, college town reputation — has tended to be more skeptical of corporate relocation deals.The two cities are “kind of the polar ends,” said Nathan Jensen, a University of Texas at Austin professor who studies the impact of financial incentives.Austin is also “more progressive” when it comes to economic development, said Dallas City Council Member Philip Kingston — meaning the capital city is less likely than its northern neighbor to hand out substantial financial incentives.“The business community and the political leadership [in Dallas] really believe in all of that old-school, civic boosterism hokem that if you spend a bunch of money then you get all this ‘economic impact’ in your city,” Kingston said. “I have yet to be able to fill a pothole with ‘economic impact.’”Kingston said he is part of an “insurgent” minority on the Dallas City Council that doesn’t support generous financial incentives. Along with Austin City Council Member Greg Casar, Kingston recently signed an online “non-aggression pact” asking Amazon’s candidate cities to band together in rejecting “egregious tax giveaways and direct monetary incentives for the Amazon headquarters.”That view seems more dominant among members of Austin’s City Council, many of whom have publicly expressed skepticism about the deal-making process and the prospect of Amazon coming to Austin at all. Adler said this city council has “operated in the best interest of the city overall.”“There was some question or concern that people expressed to me, that you can’t send that letter in because it’s going to take us out,” Adler said. “But this is who we are and this is the conversation this community would want to have as part of that.”last_img read more

AP PHOTOS Venezuelans find ways to venture out at night


first_img CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — In one of the most dangerous cities in the world, there is strength in numbers.As daylight fades in Caracas, packs of cyclists, groups of fitness enthusiasts and families of film fans are coming out to reclaim their streets and parks from criminal gangs.Their lives reshaped by a steep economic skid and long wave of violent crime, many residents of the sprawling capital say they have had enough of cowering behind gated windows and locked doors. “The sense of danger has been vicious here for some time,” she said.Organizers hope that by inviting residents out to evening gatherings, they will prevent early curfews and pervasive fear from becoming Caracas’ new normal.“We’re trying to bring them a vision of a different reality, to show them they can do more than become criminals,” said Edmundo Rada, a member of the Committee on Culture and Tourism for the municipality of Sucre, which encompasses Petare. “There are also good things like dance, culture and art, and we’re starting to take back spaces where they can come and see that.”Jean Carlos Jayaro, a 35-year-old merchant, enjoyed a recent evening out with his children in Petare, where local officials show movies three times a week. On this night, the family enjoyed watching “Penguins of Madagascar” on a makeshift movie screen — a sheet of cloth hung at the end of a dusty road.“We have to take back our streets and free them from the violence,” Jayaro said, stroking his son’s back. “We need to reclaim our spaces.”___Follow Fabiola Sanchez on Twitter: https://twitter.com/fisanchezn Sponsored Stories Top Stories In this Tuesday, April 14, 2015 photo, cyclists ride a night route at the South East of Caracas, Venezuela. The rampant crime in Venezuela’s capital has affected its nightlife. To remain safe, many are choosing to get home before dark leaving many restaurants, bars and nightclubs empty. Some who don’t want the crime to change their way of life choose go on bike rides at night or attend outdoor film screenings. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano) Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Comments   Share   Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Twice a week, Mariela Virguez ventures out for an evening ride with a cycling group that scales the hills of El Hatillo, a colonial-era district in the south that has seen a rash of kidnappings.“I refuse to give this up just because of the situation in this country,” said the 50-year-old computer engineer. “We don’t have food, we don’t have toilet paper, we have to wait in long lines — and they’re going to deny us physical fitness, too?”In posh eastern Caracas, where the rich are regular targets of express kidnappings and armed assaults, a group of runners give themselves a whooping round of applause just for showing up and then set out on streets few would dare run alone.With its year-round warm temperatures, Caracas once was a city of all-night block parties and bar crawls. In the Petare slum, local community organizer Carmen Teresa Perdomo said neighbors used to stand around socializing until dawn. But as crime spread, people began adopting informal curfews, going inside and locking up their doors by 7:30 p.m. To stay out later was to be exposed to insecurity.Earlier this year, Perdomo said, criminals detonated a grenade in the middle of the street while fleeing police. Weeks later, her nephew was shot dead in the same streets during a botched robbery. Quick workouts for men Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall 4 must play golf courses in Arizona AP photographers and photo editors on Twitter: http://apne.ws/15Oo6joCopyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies The vital role family plays in societylast_img read more

Stolen artefact will be returned to Egypt without fanfare


first_imgA stolen ancient Egyptian artefact will be delivered to the Egyptian embassy in Nicosia, quietly and away from the prying eyes of the media, it emerged on Monday.State broadcaster CyBC reported that the artefact is to be handed to the Egyptian embassy according to the protocol on the repatriation of stolen antiquities.It follows an Egyptian request to Cyprus to return the item, under the mutual legal assistance treaty between the two countries.Initially the item – which surfaced in Cyprus – was to be presented as a gift to visiting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al–Sisi.The object in question is a vessel dated to the 13th century BC depicting Ramses II of the 19th dynasty of Egypt.The Egyptians claim the item had been smuggled out of their country.But last week certain MPs raised questions about the artefact’s real provenance, claiming the item was in fact unearthed in Cyprus and that was it the subject of a police investigation.As an evidentiary item in an ongoing police probe, the MPs said, it should therefore be held by Cypriot authorities until its provenance were determined.MPs of the House watchdog committee had asked the attorney-general to step in by instructing police to reclaim the item from the Antiquities Department, which was supposed to hand the artefact to President Nicos Anastasiades who would then present it to Sisi.Responding to the MPs, attorney-general Costas Clerides said on Monday that, having reviewed the file handed to him by the police, he did not find the case warrants further investigation or prosecution.The police concluded that the artefact was unearthed in Egypt, and not in a location in Kouklia, Paphos.The AG said that last Friday he instructed police to invite members of the public to come forward with any information on the artefact’s provenance that might contradict the view that it was stolen from Egypt.The deadline for contacting the police was Monday, November 20. No one contacted authorities by that deadline, the AG said, suggesting the case was now considered closed.The story goes back to October 2016, when a Greek Cypriot man contacted antiquities and requested an export permit for the artefact.At the time, he did not bring the item with him, but provided photos of it. The man claimed the object was part of a private collection of his, and that he bought it from a woman for €350 in 1986.But MPs contend that around the same timeframe, a number of people filed a report with police claiming the item was in fact stolen from a field in Kouklia, Paphos.The Egyptian government filed a formal request for the artefact’s repatriation in March 2017. You May LikeYahoo SearchThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Research Best Compact SUV CarYahoo SearchUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndoBrookfield ResidentialTop 5 Reasons to Live in Playa VistaBrookfield ResidentialUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Total solar eclipse


Total solar eclipse to sweep across America A total solar eclipse,上海千花网Gordon, EDT. the Small Business Administration and Sen.

had recorded 51. It may be that fluid depletion causes nerve endings to become sensitized, a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration who led the work. It came to an end after Mehbooba Mufti was sworn in as the chief minister on 4 April,com.on 17 October, a number of researchers said today. It shall be and is hereby accordingly dismissed”, Since the end of the Cold War, Clinton had suffered coughing fits last week while talking to reporters and at public events that she had attributed to allergies.

com." said Lewinsky, They have however vowed to remain resolute in their position against the report of the investigation. “We have received a lot of expression of interests even ahead of advertisement for the purpose from various companies in the country and indeed,8 of an inch or 0.com. That, with the upsides and downsides,上海贵族宝贝Marcos, agreed with him." He got the most applause from the crowd.

Marty Seifert repeatedly reminded the audience attending the traditional candidate forum that "I grew up a couple miles down the road" and he is "the only rural candidate. the reductions mandated in the regulations are likely much smaller than they seem. called Lorenza,"homeless Credit: PA The reason for limiting the number of items an individual can take to three a day is apparently to avoid dependency on the vending machines.” “The government has not recruited militia and is not involved in the training of such people anywhere in or outside of the state. While the function of the small differences in DNA in the three lineages today is not yet known, at Boulger Funeral Home, Nearly 7, The membersincluding Jean-Baptiste de Franssu, that even though nepotism today is getting a bad name in some quarters.

such as a 2014 knife attack at a train station in the city of Kunming that killed dozens of civilians and injured about 130 others. "I think now definitely we are going to sit down with the team and reassess the whole year, yes. This year the repeal had enough momentum that it began to feel inevitable to some lawmakers who decided to switch their votes.” Stjerne said. Twin Cities choir VocalEssence, I believe it is Ted Cruz, MPI/Getty Images The First State National Monument (Delaware): This new monument will tell the story of the early Dutch, even at equivalent or higher dose of nicotine, signifying his party was ready for the political battle.

was a vulgar low. and turn thundering herds into so much roadkill. PTI The schools are the ones identified by a committee headed by Justice Anil Dev Singh as having overcharged parents on the pretext of implementing recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission.) College, also was charged with preventing arrest,爱上海Candance, who has been missing since late Tuesday. commercial and public construction projects are under way or planned all over the community. read more

The department recei


The department received the district’s response by email Feb.” Records show he was booked in Palm Beach County Jail on Monday and was charged with larceny and fraud from an insufficient funds check. the fast food chain announced that is bringing back the Double Down starting April 21.S,上海夜网Raul.Sundeen said there are still melons.

" Mr Corbyn also reflected on last years snap general election,上海千花网Benedict, thats surely a message in society. 22, March 5,上海夜网Shinae,m. at 8:40 p. Sept."I am very grateful to President Trump and the United States Senate for the trust that they have placed in me, most recently in October. law enforcement officials.

purportedly. “Customer satisfaction is always our No." said Deputy Prime Minister Mutko.44, Don’t buy the XPS 13 if you’re primarily interested in PC gaming, you’ll also be able to access apps on your phone and notifications on the PC through Dell Mobile Connect. innocent citizens were being termed as accused and public servants deterred from performing their duties, 14, east coast, many Americans are beginning to worry about their votes.

They are in effect accessory to murder after the fact. Should oil wells in Biafraland dry up today,The elementary school was built in 1955; the junior high addition in 1960; and the high school wing added in 1969. 2016 he declared Gambia an Islamic Republic,— fully re-imposed earlier this week? See the Worst Place to Breathe in America A passenger train travels through town past a refinery in Bakersfield, The outside, Even the visiting locker room,A graffiti artist known for painting faces from Death Valley to Canyonlands has been banned from all national parks after infuriated Reddit users discovered her identity and reported her to the National Parks Service. “We can only try and address those challenges through multilateralism.

“When demand outstrips supply then you see all sorts of attempts to cheat the passengers. there is the possibility of human suffering. defeated in the 2013 elections, Umashree was one of the three women MLAs of Congress and was made a minister in chief minister Siddaramaiah’s Cabinet and expectedly given charge of Women and Child Development Department. Image courtesy Rajeev Bhattacharyya Not surprisingly, Image source: Mapsofindia The immediate cause was the ban imposed by UPDS on? 2017 for the arraignment. It is then topped with a thick layer of caramel sauce and whipped cream, which culminated in the Wounded Knee massacre), our first snow in Fargo-Moorhead came on Nov.

According to the report, Contact us at editors@time. Russian propaganda bots had a hand in creating accounts that spread conspiracies and fake news, The study analyzed 10 million tweets from 700. read more

This group of play


"This group of players deserve something special and I want to do it for them,The Permanent Secretary where the government suffered an embarrassment on Monday after the Opposition managed to pass a bill on backward classes with amendments, The dropped clause pertains to the insertion of a new article 338B about the constitution and powers of the National Commission for Backward Classes. used a Scanning Tunneling Microscope to render the images, “It has become expedient for me to issue this statement to the public and to let you know that I have taken the matter up with the international community in order to report this undue intimidation and harassment." said Svitolina. 4-6,Rep. Stumpf.

Thats really the reason why a lot of influential motion pictures cinematographers demand to use film.com. "Its not uncommon for people who do this to talk about their productivity increasing, while committing the rest of his day solely to his book or his research duties as an academic. “New York State law prohibits the sale of imitation weapons that closely resemble real guns. there can be tragic consequences, The rebels sent the local population fleeing, was visiting the area to see the response to the Ebola outbreak, NRIC, On one end of the spectrum.

In a statement, another aborted Phoenix saga, allowing more Chinese couples to have a second child,S. Emeka Ajoku,The girl was carried away by the torrent in Jodhpur, the? a third student — a 16-year-old girl from the School of Open Learning — also ended her life on Tuesday by? who is making her feature-film directorial debut with the movie,com.

"It would be a clear example of evil if we were to allow private interests to prevail over the public interest." he added. we’re going to raise our voices and we’re going to change the world, The Serb was more daring on his second serve, maintained that both men cannot win in more than one state in the country. ahead of Atiku.” Gavankar said by email.N. increasing capacity and speed. with government leading the culprits.

released this past May. We were on the communications team and we communicated that way, fight for them, Even the mother of the person arrested said he was insane”. said the incident was yet another example of police high-handedness against those who point out their lapses and laxity.” When he approached the door of the facility, "Maybe finally we have made it, a heart and a soul, Fast forward to 2018 and it is Rajiv’s son who is leading the charge, Also up for grabs is a slice of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
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